Join Young Russia Society in celebrating Victory Day on May 9

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April 24, 2015

Dear friend, as 70th anniversary of victory over fascism nears, people all over the world are getting ready to commemorate this important event.

Here in New York non-profit organization named Young Russian Society is preparing quite a few events which include Allied Victory Ride (started three days ago and includes bikers allied ride throughout the states), commemorating picnic, St. George ribbon rally (symbol of this important victory in Russia), meeting with veterans, etc.

You can find more information here:


For St. George ribbon event we are looking for the help to spread the ribbon and the word about about this very important victory to people around us.

Our volunteers will be giving away the ribbons on Times Sq. and reminding people about this devastating war and tremendous human sacrifice. Only remembering past mistakes we can prevent humanity from slipping deeper into precipice.

Hence, we were wondering if you could help us to distribute the ribbons in your town/state/country. We are willing to ship the ribbons to the address of your choice.

Also, if you could make pictures/videos of such event and perhaps a picture of yourself and your friends wearing the ribbons (perhaps having some national or state symbols on a background), this would be great.

Such pictures you can either send to me for the purpose of posting it on Young Russian Society f/b page and website or you can post it yourself on their Facebook page here (I can add you as a member if you like):

Please note that this organization is non-political and is created for the purpose of maintaining Russian culture, teaching our young real history and real sacrifices, and celebrating holidays so dear to our hearts.

You don’t have to be Russian to join. Every supporter is welcomed!

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