Kharkov partisans to the Kiev junta and the radicals: “The ground will burn under your feet in the next 48 hours” (video)


April 1, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Urgent message from the coordination staff of Kharkov partisans.

 This pertains to all who came to the land of Slobozhanshina [North Eastern Ukraine and nearby parts of Russia – KR] and captured power in our cities with lies and deceit. 

Who torture and kill our comrades, who close the mouth of the simple people, especially: the Nazis, the Right Sector, ultras, who took part in the massacres of our activists and the peaceful population, and personally: Avakov, Nalivaichenko, Gerashenko, Poroshenko, Baluta, Rainin and their associates personally.

We will make you scared to think about being on our land, on the streets of our cities. 

So you will be scared to leave your house.

Now the ground will burn under your feet, already in the next 48 hours.

We call on all the groups to join our operation right now and until the total elimination of the enemy. 

Slobozhanshina will be free.

This was an urgent announcement from the coordination staff of the Kharkov partisans.


KR: This could be a sign to other groups, but hopefully it will not be used by the Kiev junta as an excuse to blame the Kharkov partisans for any provocations.

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