Kiev starts reforms … by changing city names



April 13, 2015
Translated from Russian by Krisitna Rus

After the Verkhovna Rada’s adoption of a law banning Communist symbols, the ban also extends to the current names of a number of settlements. Thus, in the next six months, 25 Ukrainian cities and villages will receive new names.

Back in 2009 there was already a push to rename the following settlements, which obtained their current names during the USSR: 

Artemovsk (Lugansk region) may get the name of Katerinovka
Artemovsk (Donetsk region) – Bakhmut
Artemovo (Donetsk region) – Nelipovsk
Dzerzhinsk (Donetsk region) – Shcherbynovka
Dneprodzerzhynsk (Dnepropetrovsk region) – Kamensk
Dnepropetrovsk – Sycheslav or Dnepr
Kirovograd  -Yelisavetgrad
Kirovsk (Lugansk region) – Golubovsk
Kirovskoe (Donetsk region) – Klenovoe
Kotovsk (Odessa region) – Birsula
Krasnoarmeysk (Donetsk region) – Grishin
Kuznetsovsk (Rovno region) – Virash
Novomoskovsk (Dnepropetrovsk region) – Samar
Ordzhonikidze (Dnepropetrovsk region) – Pokrovsk
Pervomayskoye (Lugansk region) – Aleksandrovka
Pervomayskoye (Nikolaev region) – Bogopol
Pervomayskoye (Kharkov region) – Likhachovo
Pervomaisk (Dnepropetrovsk region) – Shakhterskoye
Sverdlovsk (Lugansk region) – Dolzhansk
Torez (Donetsk region) – Chistyakovoye
Tsyuryupinsk, (Kherson region) – Oleshki
Chervonograd (Lvov region) – Kristinopol
Shors (Chernigov region) – Snovsk
Yuzhnoukrainsk (Nikolaev region) – Konstantinovsk
Yunokommunarsk (Donetsk region) – Bunge

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