Kosovo: Between the Present and the Future

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4-7-15 Editorial 

By Dragana Trifkovic  – translated by Joaquin Flores

Kosovo: Between the Present and the Future

After decades of imposing democracy on the rest of the world, America  has become the most hated nation.
 However, if someone has not
been clear about
how freedom looks by America’s criteria, they must visit the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.  Not only are the monuments and the churches fenced off, so
are the people.  For
the Serbs who live in ethnic enclaves in this region,
“freedom” is limited to a few kilometers in diameter.

of Mercy”

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On part of Serbian territory, the a false state
was constructed with the help of NATO bombs and KLA
terrorists.  The
reason for the creation of this NATO “state” is the desire of
the US to station a military base in Kosovo and Metohija.  Given that Serbia did not
voluntarily accept the ultimatum to be occupied, “human rights
activists” were invented as the reason for intervention, in order to
achieve their goal and build a military base.  Western media has
accused Serbia of genocide against the Albanian population, and as evidence actually published pictures of uniformed KLA terrorists, who were
killed in the attack on Serbian security forces.  In 1999, NATO  started aggression against Serbia (former
Yugoslavia), without the approval of the UN Security Council, nullifying International law, which violated the established world order and
introduced the rule of force.  The bombing of Serbian cities and civilians lasted 78 days, and during the
bombing campaign against Serbia over 40 000, bombs, missiles and rockets were used.

used were banned weapons with depleted uranium as well as cluster bombs.  The
report, which was compiled by the then head of the UNEP (UN Environmental Program) Bakary Kante, writes that in Serbia NATO dumped more than 10 tons of
depleted uranium.  The ecological consequences have been disastrous, and they have
caused an epidemic of cancer.  The victims of NATO aggression are not only civilians who are
affected by bombs (2 500 killed and 12 000 injured), but include victims of serious disease, and also the next ten generations who
will die of cancer caused by depleted uranium.  These are, in short, the main consequences associated aggression 19 countries (US and Europe) in
Serbia in 1999.

Crime after crime

The bombing was
interrupted by a political decision of the then Serbian leadership to sign the
Kumanovo agreement pursuant to which, a day later, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution.  Since then,
the southern Serbian province has been under the control of NATO, or KFOR, with the participation of UMNIK- and,
later, EULEX.  What the Serbian people have
suffered since they came as NATO can
not be described in one article.  Even better testimony is evidenced through pictures and videos of the pogroms organized by Albanians, with the
tacit support of NATO officers, who watched a terror campaign against Serbian civilians.  Charred remains of burning Serbian houses and churches today point to the
“civilized” associates of the US and EU;  terrorists,
murderers, and traffickers in
human organs.  These criminals have not removed the traces of their crimes, because no one has condemned them for what they did. Numerous medieval monasteries in
Kosovo and Metohija which have
survived the Turkish occupation [500 years – Ed.], did not survive western democracy.  Since the arrival of NATO forces in Kosovo and
Metohija, about 150 churches and monasteries have been destroyed.  Genocide
has been committed not only against
living Serbs, but also against the dead.  Over
250 Orthodox cemeteries have been desecrated.  Over 200,000 thousand Serbs have been ethnically
cleansed through expulsion.

At the time of the fiercest attack on the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija, while Albanians burned Serbian medieval monasteries, and Serbian houses, the Western media coverage gave viewers the narrative of “stabilization of the situation in the province.”  Lies about the process of building a “state” of Kosovo, which reportedly participate together Albanians and Serbs, are still present today.  In Kosovo and Metohija there has only been a process of demolition, to erase history and engage in counterfeiting and historical revisionism.  Serbs were prevented from returning to their ancestral homes, prevented from rebuilding their destroyed houses and churches.  Assets of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are still taken away, and then sold to the fake state institutions, or simply usurped.

It is enough to
look at the symbols that are prominent in Kosovo and Metohija.  While traveling through the valley of Drenica,
somewhere in a fallow field,
you can come across the American flag, featured on a tall pole.  In Pristina you will see Bill Clinton, whose picture covers an entire skyscraper, and his
monument, and a copy of the Statue of Liberty in New York.
 In one village in the Drenica valley, you can
visit a boutique called “Hillary”, devoted
to Hillary Clinton, from whose storefront
smiles her picture.

There are also
numerous monuments of the KLA terrorists, in the entire territory of the
province.  On one of the many petrol stations, near
Prizren, you will see the flag of Germany, Albania and the United States. In
fact, wherever you venture into Kosovo and Metohija, you’ll come to the
Albanian, American and German flags, except in areas of the last Serbian
communities.  It was only by chance, one can see the flag so-called “state” of
Kosovo.  For the Albanians this is not important, because for them
“independent” Kosovo is only a transitional phase towards the
creation of a Greater Albania.

There is no doubt that the project of an “independent” Kosovo, as well as the
project of a Greater Albania, was devised in Washington and London.  It’s not even a secret, and US officials openly talk about it.  Hillary Clinton in 2012 in Pristina, during a
meeting with the former leader of the KLA terrorists, now quasi-statesman
Hashim Thaci, said: “For me, my family and for my fellow American,
Kosovo’s independence is more than foreign policy issues. That’s a personal
question. ” What personal connection she has to the occupation of Serbian land, Hillary Clinton is not clarified.  

If we consider that the American companies
whom they do business, or
companies of American
officials who lobbied the most for the bombing of Serbia, then we can interpret the personal ties between the United States and
Kosovo.  The matrix is ​​always the same.  First, the US military occupies some territory, then US companies earn
their billions out of the deal.  In this way, Americans took over Serbian companies, whose
assets are worth more than ten billion dollars, and now profit American
firms.  Hiding behind the push for human rights, they are hiding the push for the
theft of other people’s resources,
foreign property, and the
push for robbery.  As the facts are not made
available to the international public, and western propaganda creates
its own reality, it is possible that the thieves become liberators, terrorists become statesmen
and are but victims of justice.

The future of

The base, Camp Bondsteel, built by the Americans in
Kosovo and Metohija, is the
second-largest US military base in Europe, after the Ramstein Air Base in
Germany.  KFOR after the occupation of Serbia had
about 50,000 troops in Kosovo and Metohija, while there are now about 5,000. The
regular army withdrew from Kosovo
due to the activation of focal points in other areas, and the participation of
the US / NATO in all those
wars.  The question is: to whom of its protégés, the Albanians and fake state of Kosovo, the Americans will leave its problems to after the withdrawal from this territory of Serbia.  

In addition to the NATO bombing which changed the demography of Kosovo,
committed ethnic cleansing and expelled Serbs who lived there for centuries, it
has further destabilized this area with jihadist training camps.  After the
arrival of NATO, ie, KFOR in
the Kosovo province, in the newly established camps began to train Albanian
radical Islamists, who were then sent to Afghanistan and Iraq, and then to
Syria to fight against Bashar Al-Assad.  It
is indicative that they appear always on the side backed by the West / USA, to
support them.  Among trained radical Islamists, are suicide bombers, terrorists and
extremists who pose a risk to further destabilize Kosovo and the Balkans. 

The creation of a
Greater Albania and the
support to radical Islamists
from the United States, is a major threat to Serbia.  Analogously, the Islamization of Europe by the standards of the US / global
multiculturalism poses a threat to the old continent.  Serbia or the Serbian
government participates in the self-destruction of its own country, and the EU and Member States are working to their own detriment.  The authorities in Serbia are under the control of Washington and Brussels, and it actually meets the commitments it has since
been authorized to make.  For some time the Serbian government has become an accomplice in crimes against its own people.  In addition, Serbian power is unique in that it has voluntarily waived part of its territory, set the border between central Serbia
and the southern Serbian province, and itself extinguished state institutions in Kosovo
and Metohija,  hence violating the Constitution of Serbia, supports Ukraine’s
sovereignty, but not sovereignty own country, and forces its people to accept the authority of the terrorists who were responsible for
the crimes committed against it.  

America has announced that it is not for the redrawing of
boundaries, and how there will be no change of borders in the Balkans.  It is interesting that the so-called democratic
countries so vehemently defend the communist border.  After all, it has long been clear that as with the  former Soviet Union,  the EU is now in a state of decay.  That any Serbian government  has duly fulfilled the tasks of Washington and
Brussels, to the detriment of the national interests of Serbia, it should be
noted that the West should not be looking forward to any ease in fulfilling its
future goals.  

Serbia has
historically prepared many surprises for those who have tried to enslave
it.  For
the Serbian people, the issue of Kosovo and Metohija is not resolved, certainly
the present situation is not
permanent.  Is it expected that there will be a peace which includes the redrawing of boundaries, when it was
American cuffs that were
needed for it?  

The plan for Serbia has been engineered
by Washington and Brussels, but
it is a fact that the Serbian people
will never reconcile with the usurpation of Kosovo, with the terrible injustice
that has been done, and will not forget the suffering, crimes, and bombs.  We are confident that in the future findings
in international law, and independent
international institutions, the true culprits for the bombing, killing,
extraction of human organs, will be judged when the conditions exist for restoring the degraded world order.  Changes have begun, with the redistribution of economic and political power from west to east, which affirmatively
indicates that nothing is over, but
only begins. Maybe in Europe there is a last hope to break away from the clutches of the United States and begin
to conduct a policy in accordance with their own interests.  The new situation in the world will not bypass the
Kosovo case andwill  resolve the future of the
Serbian province in accordance with international law. The Serbian government which presently violates the Constitution, and the Western “partners” that support
or breach even changing the Constitution, can not forge international law that is currently in force.  Kosovo is not a special case just because the United States is determined to
make it so.  Ultimately nobody here doubts that the future of Kosovo is where it has always been: in Serbia.


Dragana Trifkovic is the Director General of the Center for Geostrategic Studies, and is an Engineer, Author (FSJ, Geopolitika, Novi Standard, NSPM, Zuerst), as well as a Member of the DSS political council.  She writes regular columns and articles for Serbian political, ideological, geostrategic and geopolitical publications, and has appeared numerous times on Serbian television.  

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