Music Video Wednesday: Nautilus-Pompilius, “Beast”

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April 29, 2015

Music Video Wednesday: Nautilus-Pompilius, “Beast”

By J.Hawk

Since I did Brother as the movie of the week, it’s only natural that I did Beast by Nautilus-Pompilius as this week’s video, because that song not only happens to be part of the movie’s soundtrack, but Danilo Bagrov also happens to be obsessed with that particular rock group, starting with his exposure to that group’s song Wings right at the beginning of the movie. At first blush I thought someone like Danilo would be hardcore Lyube fan, but then I remembered–Lyube has a strong neo-Soviet ethos, which doesn’t quite jive well with the movie’s nationalist and borderline xenophobic message.

 I stare into the darkness and see flames
somewhere in the steppe a fire rages
I see flames I see the flames of campfires
It means that somewhere here hides a beast

I chased him for so many years, so many winters
I found him here, in this steppe
I hear the howling I see tears in eyes
It means that the beast begins to feel fear

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 I stare into the darkness and see flames
It means that the beast begins to feel fear

I know he doesn’t sleep, the pain is too strong
Everything burns, boils, fire belches forth
I even know the beast’s pain in the breast
He shouts he grows hoarse I know this shout

I circle in darkness where laughter is heard
It means that the beast’s end has come
I won’t wait for the morning so I won’t see
How he’ll wake up and become someone else

I will not wait for morning will not waste more strength
look at the star–it is yours now
sparks are melting in the night stars shine in the path
I am healing and I am sad in this steppe

He’s now fast asleep the pain is too sweet
The fire burns no more no more
When the morning arrives with the last star
He will get on his way and fly after me

When the morning came the night fell calm
It did not threaten only left went away
He still  slept deeply when a weak trembling
Stirred in his breast and rain fell from the sky

He was still fast asleep when the morning came
He was still fast asleep when the morning came

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