Music Video Wednesday: Nikolay Anisimov, “Somewhere in Heavens”


 April 8, 2015

Music Video Wednesday: Nikolay Anisimov, “Somewhere in Heavens”

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

August air is melting, clouds have turned to flight

I’m fuelled to the gills, ordnance slung under wings

The siren blares, birds are leaving their shelters

Air smells of war, the world is not into peace

The world is clearly not into peace!

Night is still far away, a hard day ahead

I’m not a blade, but I’m tempered for war

The bigwigs at the top, don’t they want peace?

They couldn’t agree, I’m their Final Argument

I’m now the Final Argument!

But together with me are the two who sit inside me

H-hour on every clock, but clock hands will not tell

How long we have left to fly and live, our fates are being

Somewhere in heavens

Adrenalin races, driven by the unknown

Burning kerosene, I scour the terrain

Enemy nearby, no time for tricks

Master arm switch on, we’ll turn off those below

We’ll turn off everyone who’s below

In our wake fire and thunder, the surface bites back

They don’t shoot to miss, our death rate rises

The two in the cabin, they grimly stare at displays
I’m suddenly ill: cough, shaking, temperature.

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Cough, shaking, temperature!

We’re breaking through the skies, we the desperate three

Like a ship with torn sails, up and down we go

Our lives are at stake, our fates are being weighed

Somewhere in heavens

They’re both alive, though I got hit hard

Aunt Rita screaming, turn on communications

The two as if on a landmine, shoulder to shoulder in the

But they grasp controls, not ejection levers

They are not grasping the ejection levers

I want back to the squadron, even with a disability

I’m not folding wings, only changing sweep

We return from battle, we’re barely limping

But the two in cabin, they believe we’ll return

We’ll return, don’t worry

We’ll return

We’ll return!

War is what it is

Even when you are on fire

You must believe in miracles

No matter what, hold on

And then Life, not Death

Will tip the scales

Somewhere in heavens

Somewhere in heavens

Somewhere in heavens

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