National Socialist Rise to Power is Becoming More Distinct


April 30th, 2015 –
from Novorosinform – translation Joaquin Flores

Morning Summary from the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Republican Guard 5 BTGr Alexander Matyushina (call sign “Varyag”). 

Last night, Ukrainian troops intensified shelling of residential areas of cities in the DPR. So in Donetsk gunfire was heard throughout the city. The impression is that we are again back to where we were three months ago in January this year.

Even in the center, windows are shaking.  Punishers pounded the  Avdeevka, Peski and Kurakhovskaya areas. In the district of Donetsk airport and on our line of defense in the area surrounding Peski, machine gun fire was heard, there was a gunfire skirmish.

Ukrainian troops nevertheless did not succeed, and were forced to retreat to their original positions. Gorlovka was barbarously bombarded, completely destroyed were several houses and several others damaged.  Casualties among civilians recorded.

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Also, in areas which partially damaged infrastructure caused by Ukrainian invaders has been assessed, our municipal agencies urgently restored services. The punishers have not abandoned their attempts to reclaim Shirokino, where they continued the attack on this small and unremarkable pre-war village near Mariupol.

In Ukraine itself however, are quite natural processes: the UAF military tried to disarm the main base of the “Right Sector”, in response the “Right Sector” has been put on alert. Yarosh said to a crowd of supporters that his men are ready to fight to the last bullet and attempt to be brought under the UAF. As a result, the UAF  surrendered power.  And now the “Right Sector” will be part of the UAF on terms favorable “Right Sector.”

The oligarchic government in Kiev has once again lost to the Ukrainian nationalist movement, which is now epitomized no doubt by the “Right Sector”.  The coming to power of the National Socialist movement in Ukraine is becoming more distinct.

Unfortunately, this form will be even more hostile to the Russian state of Novorossiya and Greater Russia.  But we are the descendants of heroes, the sons of the best, who will defend their blood drenched land. We will win because we are the winners!

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