SBU: “Ukrainophobes” ought to “lower their rhetoric to zero”


April 21, 2015

SBU: “Ukrainophobes” ought to “lower their rhetoric to zero”

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Vasiliy Vovk, the Director of the Main Investigative
Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) gave advice to people whom
he referred to as “Ukrainophobes”. In his view, given the recent high-profile
killings in the country, such people ought to lower their tone for their own

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“I think that, in our time, when we are practically at war,
the ‘Ukrainophobes’ ought to lower their rhetoric to zero or maybe even close
their mouths altogether. I believe that we should not have people given our
situation who are speaking out against Ukraine and against Ukrainianness. I
advise them to do it because nothing good will come of it. I am saying this as
the Director of the Main Investigative Directorate of the SBU,” Vovk said
during his appearance on the Freedom of Speech (sic!) ICTV channel program on
Monday, April 20.

When asked for a scientific or a legal definition of a “Ukrainophobe”,
Vovk said: “No. But we know what we are talking about.”

J.Hawk’s Comment: In related news, in Odessa a son recorded
his father’s criticism of the Ukrainian government and delivered the recording
to the local SBU office, with the effect of the father being arrested and
charged with separatism. The son was then assaulted by his older brother,
ending up in a hospital with broken ribs and a concussion. The older brother is
in hiding.

Also in related news, when asked about the danger from right-radical parties in Ukraine, Vovk answered simply that it does not exist, as the SBU has no information about the existence of any such parties. 

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