Odessa People’s Republic declares its independence and secession from Ukraine


Media: the Odessa national Republic declared its independence and secede from Ukraine

April 9, 2015

Translated from Russian by Alexey Tatu

A parallel government was formed in Odessa, declaring its secession from Ukraine and the formation of the Odessa People’s Republic. This information was  distributed by the “Agency of Information Reports”. (http://vg-news.ru/)

According to the publication, the editorial office is in posession of a document entitled the “Declaration on the State Sovereignty of the Odessa People’s Republic”. The document is dated on April 6, 2015:

“In light of tragic events that took place in Kiev (in February 2014) and Odessa (in May 2014), we declare a unilateral exit of the Odessa People’s Republic from Ukraine, and the urgent formation of the Cabinet of Ministers. As the head of state, I emphasize that this measure is designed to protect the democratic values of the region from attacks by right-wing formations, brought to the territory of the former Odessa region on the orders of the so-called authorities in Kiev.

Until the normalization of the situation, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Odessa People’s Republic will be represented by the following public officials:

Defense Minister: Shilov N. A.

The Minister of Internal Affairs: Luzgin, A. A.

The Minister of Health: V. S. Evseev

The Minister for Civil Defense and Emergencies: Zharkov D. N.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism: Shevchenko M.K.

Military Commandant of Odessa: Kovalenko P.S.

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Odessa People’s Republic, Kovalenko P. S. (signed)

April 6, 2015″.

“Anti-fascist” at the moment has no confirmation of this information from other sources. Once this information becomes available, details will be published. Please follow our updates. 

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