Odessa Protesters Give a Clear Warning to Poroshenko during his Visit


April 10th, 2015 – Joaquin Flores

Residents of Odessa came out today, April 10th, to protest the visit by the unconstitutional usurper of the Ukrainian presidency, Petro Poroshenko.  Hundreds protested against the smaller, staged event, with shouts of ‘Fascism will not pass’.

The protesters cast a shadow on the government planned event, letting it be known that the present government is illegitimate and is premised upon theft and murder.

On May 2nd, 2014, at least fifty anti-Junta protesters were murdered by pro-government forces, and their bodies then charred in an attempt to cover the evidence.

To date, the Kiev Junta, which tacitly condoned the attacks, has not launched an investigation nor made any substantive progress in bringing the accused to justice.

In the last few days, there have been reports that a para-government, dual-power organization calling itself the Republic of Odessa has announced secession from Ukraine.

The Kiev government has opposed proposals to federalize the country, intended to grant more autonomy to various oblasts, a proposal which is widely seen as one aimed at protecting the political and cultural rights of Ukraine’s various ethnic and linguistic group, including Russians.

Skirmishes between the Kiev Junta and Novorossiyan rebels has intensified in the last few days, after Junta forces began with a motorized assault and shelling of areas protected by last February’s cease fire agreement.

There is a growing concern among analysts and observers that full scale conflict may resume during the first week of May, if not sooner.

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