Official: Only Baltic countries support Ukraine’s EU membership aspirations


April 23, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Not all countries of the European Union are ready to support Ukraine’s membership in the EU, complained the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on issues of European integration Elena Zerkal.

At the moment Ukraine together with Moldova and Georgia is working on the final Declaration on the Riga summit, she informed.

However, according to Zerkal, in reality, not all EU countries are ready to support Ukraine’s future membership in the EU. Moreover, the actual support on the issue is usually provided only by the Baltic States. And this, again, according to Ukrainian European integrator.

“The question of membership (in EU – ed.) is the cornerstone not only for Ukraine but also for Moldova and Georgia. We’re all work on this together. We have prepared our shared vision how should the final Declaration look at the Riga summit. This project was presented at the meeting of senior officials in April. Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova have very clearly stated their desire to pursue membership. Of course, not all EU countries are ready now for such support. We are usually supported by the Baltic States,” – said Zerkal.

We will remind you that many European officials talked  about the impossibility of even a visa-free regime, not to mention a membership in the EU. For example, the head of EU diplomacy Mrs. Mogherini advised Ukrainians to think less about European integration, and to work on their success on their own.

“The focus on internal problems, not the European perspective of Ukraine is a priority for the Ukrainian authorities at the moment,” – she said.

“As for Ukraine’s European prospects, this is not on the agenda of the Ukrainian authorities. All of us, us and the Ukrainian authorities need to focus more on the challenges they face from within. Because the real challenge is the success of Ukraine in itself,” – said Mogherini, speaking at the Brussels forum.

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