Patriotic underwear to increase morale of the Ukrainian army


April 21, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Underwear shall save UAF

This is the case when it is sufficient to just quote the news. I’m proud of Dnepropetrovsk. I was born in this city. I lived there for two decades. I am happy that Dnepropetrovsk stubbornly holds the first place. And in the size of the territory of cemeteries, dedicated to the “heroes” of the ATO. And in humor along with incredibly wonderful “svidomy” (patriotic) trash.

“A female activist of a sewing battalion of Dnepropetrovsk sent original underwear for men to the front. The boys are happy.”

“According to the volunteer Elena Peleshenko, underwear with the original name “Ukrop Undies”, “Patriotic” and “Easter” will cheer up Ukrainian soldiers.”

Just one expression “activist of a sewing battalion of Dnepropetrovsk” – it is a diagnosis. Probably the fighters are armed with “needles”. 

The underwear models are named appropriately. “Patriotic Undies”, “Easter Undies”, “Ukrop Undies”. To be distributed among the “heroes” of the ATO, depending on body structure and the extent of the damage. 

Go, united Ukraine! You amuse us every day.

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