Polish restaurant bans Ukrainians from entry


April 22, 2015

Da Dzi

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

“Only for the real Europeans. Savages are fed on the street”

One of the drinking establishments of the Polish city of Bydgoszcz banned Ukrainians from entry. The restaurant owner explained that the decision was motivated by the care about the peace of his visitors.


The restaurateur does not hide the fact that he barred Ukrainians from entry. However, he does not associate it with a manifestation of nationalism. 

“I just want for other guests to have peace and quiet. Recently I was forced to call an ambulance, because Ukrainian guests staged a brawl. In the end, it is a private institution, I can let in whomever I want,” – he said.

Interestingly, did “svidomye” (patriotic) Ukrainians expect a different attitude from Poland, when they began to officially glorify the Nazis and scum of the OUN-UPA?

Now for the “svidomy” Ukraine Europe is even more distant than a year ago.


Because poles – no, not Polish politicians, who, like Kiev, are American servants, but ordinary people and public figures – still remember Rzeź Wołyńska (Volyn Massacre).


How much does a year change, this brought back the memory of the story from a year ago of a Polish restaurant banning Russians from entry

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