Poroshenko administration instructs Ukrainian media how to lie about WWII


Ukrainian Trident hanging below swastika sign at a Galician parade

April 17, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Kiev junta finally solved the dilemma of its position regarding WWII – equate Putin to Hitler, and declare Ukrainian nationalists – fighters against Nazism


Kiev’s secret instructions for the media for May 9: UPA – fighters against Nazism

The Ukrainian government on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, advised the media to place special emphasis on the role of the Ukrainian people, as well as OUN and UPA  (Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army) in the victory over the Nazi invaders, while the public blames these organizations for cooperation with the Nazis.

Ukrainian authorities plan to pay special attention to the victory of the Ukrainian people, and not all the peoples of the USSR during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, the anniversary celebration will begin May 8, says the instruction from the presidential administration of Ukraine of Petro Poroshenko for the local media on the occasion of Victory Day. A copy of the document was obtained by RIA Novosti.

“Current defenders of Ukraine should be considered as successors of the winners over Nazism. Awareness of the continuity of generations is an important factor in the consolidation of society, which will give us the strength to resist foreign aggression”, – stated the document called “The Position of the Presidential Administration on the celebration in Ukraine of the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism in Europe and the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.”

In this regard, the administration of the Ukrainian President recommends the use of the terms “Second World War”, “victory over Nazism,” and not the term “the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45” and the like, “imposed”, as stated in the instructions, on Ukraine in Soviet times. The document states that Ukraine celebrates the anniversary of the events of “not only 41-45’s, but in the time frame of World War II” because “Ukrainians fought around the world.”

The Ukrainian authorities recommend to assume that “the Second World War – is not only a historical heritage, but first and foremost a lesson for Ukraine, Europe and the world, and also appeal to equate Russia’s leadership of Vladimir Putin’s and the Nazi regime.

“This lesson has become very relevant, given the aggressive policy of Putin’s Russia, where the regime has all the traits of fascist, and the threat of a full-scale war on the European continent. The proof of the kinship of Putin’s and Hitler’s regimes is, in particular, the similarity of methods used by Russia in Eastern Ukraine, propaganda, etc.”, – the document says.

The instruction also equated the Soviet partisan movement and the “national formations (OUN, UPA)” – administration of the Ukrainian President considers them as part of the European Resistance to Nazism,” while the public blames UPA for cooperation with the Nazis. In addition, the instructions reported that after the Great Patriotic war UPA had to exert “anti-Soviet resistance” until the beginning of 1950-ies, which actually became a “war after the war” in Ukraine.

“So, the UPA since its creation and until the retreat of the Nazis from Ukraine took an active part in the struggle against the German invaders, causing them significant losses…”, – the document says. Thus, the instructions of the Kiev authorities directly distort historical data: in 2008 at the request of the Chairman of the Union of Soviet Officers of Crimea, Sergey Nikulin, Germany carried out an extensive study, and none of the archives had any documents about the involvement of the OUN-UPA in the battles against Nazi troops.

PS. Obviously the participation of “heroes of Ukraine” in the extermination of the Jews of Ukraine is ignored. Aslo beautiful is the thesis of “UPA – fighters against Nazism”. This is like “Gestapo – fighters for the freedom of speech”, “SS – fighters against racial hatred.” However, Kiev on May 9, 2015 will hold a very peculiar experiment – fascists will celebrate the victory day over fascism, where the protagonists are those who were defeated in that war.

Overall, there is a systematic policy of complete ideological separation of Ukraine from Russia, which is deepening and will be delving every day that this regime is in power. The effect of this will be felt for many years. The rate of re-writing history and the elimination of common ties already is many times greater than what was done by Yushchenko in 5 years of his reign. This will be the “united Krajina”, but not ours, but theirs, where there will be nothing pro-Russian, history will be rewritten, dissenting jailed or killed, and everything that is located to the East of the boundaries of “independent Ukraine” will be declared evil and the main culprit of all current and future ills of Ukraine. Actually this is the future for Ukraine if this regime will remain in power.

Varjag 2007 reminded us a little about Ukrainian history:

Swastika and Trident:

Свастика и тризуб на трибуне во время парада

Еще один парад с тризубом на трибуне

Тризуб и свастика на лижныках во время парада в Гуцульщине

The yellow blue flag during a parade:

Желто-блакитный флаг во время парада

Ukrainian parade in honor of the fascists:

Гуцулы проезжают во время парада в честь нацистов

Желто-блакитный флаг во время парада  у всадников

Маршируют гуцулы с трембитами

Маршируют молодые гуцулки с нацистскими флажками

Nazi flags attached: 

Маршируют гуцулы с косами и нацистскими флажками, прикрепленными к концам кос

Гуцулки несут нацистские флажки

Во время парада тащат плуг.

Video of a “Parade of fighters for Ukraine”

The document from Poroshenko administration: 

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