Did Poroshenko know in 2013 there will be war in Ukraine?


April 20th, 2015

Translated by Dvajdsitdva,  from the Livejournal of “Dragon76ua

Poroshenko the businessman, knew that there would be war! Even before the most recent Maidan occurred.

On Sunday, the 13th, in October of 2013, Ivano-Frankivsk hosted a conference on the theme on ‘What does Ukraine need?’ in the TEDx format.

The conference began at 12:00 in the building of Ivano-Frankivsk Philharmonic, down on the street of Kurbas, 3.

The speakers of the conference were: the well-known Ukrainian politician and businessman Petro Poroshenko, the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy, journalist Natalya Sokolenko, and the managing partner of the law firm Moris Group Andriy Romanchuk.

TED (is an acronym from English. Technology Entertainment Design; Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a private non-profit Foundation in the USA, known primarily for its annual conferences, held since 1984 in Monterey (California, USA). Since 2009, these conferences have taken place in Long Beach (California, USA).

The mission of the conference is to promote unique ideas (“ideas worth spreading”), selected lectures are available on their website. Lecture topics are varied and include: science, art, design, politics, culture, business, global issues, technology and entertainment.

 On the list of speakers[1][2] include such famous figures as former U.S. President bill Clinton[3], Nobel laureates James Watson[4], Murray Gell-Mann[5], and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales[6].

The curator of the conference and its permanent leader -is Chris Anderson.

10 Best presentations of 2013:


The whole conference could be found and watched below:

Summary for those who don’t understand Ukrainian language:

Topic: What should Ukraine do?

A Ukrainian loves philosophical questions..

1:23 every time a Ukrainian goofs off, he scratches his head and begins to ask himself the question “who is to blame, what to do?” And the more he goes on doing so, the more he wonders about it.

1:58 Almost all of the time of our independence, Ukraine had to answer the following question “Who has been guilty for our troubles?”

2:25 the answer has been to blame the dishonest, non-transparent, inefficient, corrupt, and often NOT knowledgeable Ukrainian authorities. (who in the government of Yanukovych, did not directly fit into these categories? Answer, They all fit perfectly.)

2:54 the Power needs to be changed. And we have done it many times. Well, well, well, take a look at the slides how we have done it, every way…

3:33 Why has the constant change of power not lead to changes….?

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3:50 Because only a change of power, is not enough!

4:00 Ukrainians must actually change ourselves.

4:45 Politicians who promise Paradise, and only suggests that you vote for the right people do not accomplish anything. They vote themselves, and tell the people follow suit and vote too.

5:27 If we want to change something in our country, we need to stop looking for the guilty in the government. We need to change our attitude towards the authorities.

7:08 Everything cannot change at once. We need for this year to…

7:25 Progressive change, I am totally against this! Changes occur either very quickly or they do not occur at all. People feel the change either in a few months, or in the first, second, or third year. If not this, than they are convinced the change will never arrive and they do not expect it any more.

8:05 We demand change now! We are ready to work now, seriously towards this goal..

8:53 What is the symbol of Ukraine? Toad! 

We are a toad that sees nothing beyond her own swamp… But we are not alone, there are many other toady countries, including Singapore when it was poor and made that leap even when China and Malaysia were keeping it in the swamp (allusion to Russia), that leap into prosperity…

12:09 In economic theory of the GDP trajectory such a leap is called “the jump”. And this jump, Ukraine should be prepared for!

12:55 I am ready! To radically change the situation around you! This same readiness is proven in the Ukrainians leaving the country. They are ready for everything, they have reached that point, when they are ready to leave the country. They leave the country to look for dignity, we need our “dignity” back.

13:31 Ukrainian is one of the most accomplished nations in the world. Many people in Africa feel much more blessed, than Ukrainians. Our citizens take the first place in their desire to leave the country.

14:22 We love Ukraine… I am sure that today, the vast majority of Ukrainians would agree to give their lives to protect our country. I think it’s worthy of our future. And what exactly does not suit the Ukrainians in our country? Its the Ukrainians themselves. Because Ukrainians do not trust other Ukrainians, Ukrainians do not love, are jealous of one another, there is no tradition of mutual assistance and reciprocity. I am sure that to break this vicious circle… the only way to do this, is to take the true the words of our prophet:

And on the renewed land,

There will be no more enemy.

And instead will be a son, and a mother,

And there will be people on that land..

(Quote W poetry of T. G. Shevchenko “And Archimedes, And Galileo” (1860)


15:32 Without these  type of changes! The citizens can make many revolutions, but they will come to nothing unless we don’t change the Ukrainians, unless we change themselves. I lay my hopes on the youth.

15:58 There are two important components. Which are incredibly crucial. First of all: information. Media information. Information about the other modern world. This is what I fight for, so that in the year 2014, we receive the right for a visa-free regime. Because once the Ukrainians who go and watch how our neighbors in the EU live… Believe me, it is not just tourism or small trade. The EU is not only about a great quality of life, but – its values! 

17:15 The second point, which is also very important – very positive examples of self-esteem (through the EU) ((which we need to instill in the Ukrainians)).

18:01 A goal is for no one accept bribes, by nobody I mean not the doctors, not the officials, nor Ministers and MPs, nobody.

19:18 A huge problem, is the landing of our Ukrainian toad.

19:30 Lets look at some real polls. The first poll shows the percentage of people who want to enter the EU trade zone – 70% of people… the second survey shows how many Ukrainians are for joining the Customs Union (now Eurasian Economic Union)) –  60% … Both surveys were conducted in one country, the Ukraine…

20:45 the only difference is the age of people participating in this poll. Young people voted for EU, older Ukrainians voted for the Customs Union

21:13 I am very pleased with the results of this poll… the youth are responsible for building the country, not the elderly! And they understand that EU is not only about presents, grants, money, but new opportunities. It is true opportunity. [The young are more wise and level-headed than the elderly of Ukraine? – D]

21:45 And the youth are ready for these opportunities, they are willing to work hard to take advantage of these opportunities and radically change the country! And at the same time, without removing the relevance of the issue of an upcoming power shift, we need to prepare ourselves to jump… and a jump it will be! On November 28th, Ukraine will receive this window of opportunity. I’m sure that everything will be fine, because everything is just beginning…

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