“Pro-Western” martial law and a card system awaits Ukraine


April 8, 2015

Sergey BELOV

Translated by Alexey  Tatu     



A year after the “Revolution of National Dignity” it is becoming more and more fun to live in Ukraine. The Ukrainians joyfully swear and curse to high heaven the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk for their European reforms. However, it is not clear what is Arseniy Petrovych  exactly guilty of, because he’s just an executor [or more like like an executioner] of the grandiose plans of the US-IMF on the harmonization of Ukrainian economy to the European standards. Now in Ukraine, there will be European standards and prices for gas, electricity, heating, gasoline. And wages – Ukrainian. Thanks to the recommendations of the IMF, the prices for communal services were raised for the population, and salaries and pensions were frozen at this same level until at least the end of 2015. Businesses are coming to a grinding halt, there is growing unemployment, and the people are dreaming of a new Maidan. Probably because of the fear of such a revolt, in the bowels of the presidential administration of Ukraine a bill was born, “On a legal regime of martial law”.

It would be strange if such a bill did not exist, after all, on January 27 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a document in which Russia is officially declared as a country aggressor. Once there is an aggressor, and an occupied territory, then it becomes necessary to declare a state of war and then martial law. What is beautiful, is if the martial law will be introduced, then according to law, before it expires no presidential and parliamentary elections can be held in Ukraine. Thus, all those who are in power have a vested interest not only in the adoption of such a law, but also in Crimea remaining a part of Russia.

The situation in Ukraine is really complicated. People complain, because many of them after having paid for utilities, only have enough money left to purchase food. One has to be an optimist, to believe in the changing of the situation for the better in the coming years. It is probable that the Ukrainian leadership is aware of this. Therefore, in the bill there is an item on the introduction of  rationing provision of the population with basic food and non-food items. In fact, it is the introduction of a card system. That is, pensioners, public sector employees, who have frozen pensions and salaries will be able to get from the state a minimum set of products. Everyone else, such as private entrepreneurs and office workers will have to buy food at exorbitant market prices. How it will turn out, the state does not care.

The law also provides for the introduction of compulsory labor. Indeed, this is an interesting solution to all the problems here. If there are millions unemployed in the country and thousands of kilometers of destroyed roads, it is reasonable to direct the energy of the hungry masses towards a Unified Ukraine. Moreover, the mobilization of the unemployed to the labor front is quite a European practice. For example, in the 20-30’s of twentieth century in Germany, this is how the “autobahns” were built. By the way, the successful implementation of the program of “autobahnization” of Germany would have been impossible if the Nazis did not disperse the trade unions, banned the strikes, reduced salaries to a minimum, and declared labor conscription. The same is now stipulated in the Ukrainian draft law, “On legal regime of martial law”.

Since the prospect to work FOR FOOD (United Ukraine) will not appeal to many Ukrainians, and they would prefer to escape from the happiness that has befallen them, in the bill there is a clause on the prohibition or restrictions on choice of place of residence. To determine who lives where can be done, when the fired employees of enterprises seek benefits in the employment centers, or when people with low income will come to collect promised government subsidies from the relevant organizations. [Basically, all recorded bureaucratic actions require to identify your location – tr.] All of them will check, recalculate and decide, whether or not a person needs to be used in socially useful labor.

In addition, it implies a ban on change of residence to the citizens who are of military age. That is, in the case of the introduction of martial law, the potential defenders of a Unified Ukraine will not just ‘sit this one out’ at their grandmother’s in the village. Rather hiding from native authorities would have to be done in basements and cellars, as in the days of the German occupation. The intelligence agencies would also be allowed to check the documents of citizens to inspect their belongings, vehicles, office space, and housing. Citizens of a foreign aggressor state are supposed to be interned, that is, to be detained and placed in concentration camps. We understand that we are here talking about those with passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

How the whole of Ukraine will look after the introduction of martial law can only be judged by the situation in Slavyansk, which recently began a campaign to identify “domestic separatism”. On the streets and on billboards began to appear leaflets with information to help identify the signs of “domestic separatism”. According to information published, a”domestic separatist” is a person who disseminates information that is threatening the integrity of the state. It includes the following actions: 

  • Calling for the introduction of Russian troops, or offering to surrender to Russia
  •  Promotion of Russian symbolism or concepts of a”Russian world”
  • Doubting the existence of a Ukrainian statehood
  • The desecration of the symbols of the Ukrainian state: the flag, the anthem, the coat of arms
  • The propaganda of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic
  • Protest against mobilization
  • Initiating activities that advocate the overthrow of the government and mass disobedience
  • Dissemination of lies, racism, xenophobia, antisemitism
  • Spreading panic, low morale

The leaflet notes that such actions are subject to criminal penalties ranging from 10-15 years of imprisonment to life imprisonment (article 110 of the criminal code of Ukraine). Those wishing to expose a “domestic separatist,” are offered to call the appropriate authorities via a hot line and inform on their mother, or a close neighbor. Obviously, any citizen of Ukraine can go to prison for life, if they are dissatisfied with something. For example, to talk about the benefits of Ukraine’s accession to the Eurasian Customs Union is impossible. It will be seen as a call to surrender to Russia. To demand for raising pensions and salaries is also impossible, because this would be regarded by the authorities as incitement to riot. Any point of view different from the one that is distributed by the ‘Ukrainian Ministry of Truth’ is called a lie.

Well, if someone believes that after the “Revolution of National Dignity” life has become unbearable, it means that he is sowing panic and distributing a decadent mood. Currently, the only delay in building the “light of the totalitarian past” is only in the problem of who will carry out the arrests of the dissatisfied and where to detain them. However, the process is underway, since with this unemployment more than a dozen divisions of the NKVD-Ukraine or special security forces can be effectively mobilized. These groups can also provide reliable protection for all persons employed in road construction or the erection of a protective fence on the border with Russia.

If someone thinks that I am exaggerating, and are not worried that an introduction of martial law will happen, than I would like to remind you of the terrible things that have happened in Ukraine over the past year. I wish people would then remember the Odessa massacre, the shootings in Mariupol, the bombing of the cities of the Donbass, hundreds of repressed and dozens of “expired by suicide” politicians and public figures. And then you can see why many Ukrainians deny the existence of “Nazism” and the brutal totalitarian regime in their country – While they come for others, while they represses the others… For now they represses the others…. [A take on a quote by German anti-fascist and theologian Martin Niemoller: “First they came for the Communists, but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists, but I was neither, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not a Jew so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me.” – tr]


In principle, the imposition of martial law is a standard in international practice, just before they enter this practice, the Ukrainians should at least consider deciding with whom they are fighting, why are they fighting, and for what? If they are fighting each other, and for the interests of the United States and a regime in Kiev, than this war is stupid and does not lead to anything except the destruction of the Ukrainian state. However, after the “Revolution of National Dignity” nobody is going to ask the Ukrainians what they want. The path to Europe is outlined for them in a straight line, and with unanimous cries of “Glory to Ukraine”. Walking out of step, refusing to rejoice in this happiness, will land you in the category of “domestic separatists”, who face at least 10 years, and up to a life in prison.

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