Putin wages a quiet revolution during his time off


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April 3, 2015
Crimson Alter for PolitRussia
Translated by Kristina Rus

I was always surprised by the conspiracy theories surrounding our president. Putin is a unique politician. He is extremely sincere; sincere exactly to the extent possible for the head of a nuclear superpower. Putin’s style of communication inevitably has the strongest effect on the work of his subordinates. Accordingly, when Peskov live on Echo Moscow declared that “The agenda is now very intense – related to crises, and so on. Currently there is a constant communication with the government, and state-owned companies, and the banking sector. Naturally, it is very time consuming, then his version of events should be considered the most reliable. There is no need for conspiracy theories, when on the economic front, in Russia and abroad, there are truly revolutionary changes taking place. Why does the media pay so little attention to that? This is another question to which we shall return.

So what happened in the international and Russian economy during the period of Putin’s “disappearance” from TV screens?  

1. China announced about the creation of their own analog of the inter-bank payment system SWIFT, announcing the deadline – the end of 2015. December 2015 – January 2016 can now be considered the moment of transition of the economic war between the US and the rest of the world into an active phase.

2. Putin instructed the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to develop a plan of financing the construction of power plants in Crimea. Quoting Minister of Energy, Novak:

“The Central Bank in this case helps us execute a financial transaction in order to provide liquidity to the creditor bank… There is a request to the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance to develop and present a financing plan … subject to the payment of interest on loans, this is around 80 billion rubles” 

According to the [colonizing – KR] constitution [from the 1990’s – KR], Putin (or Medvedev) has no right to give instructions to the Central Bank. Our Central Bank is independent, but it turns out that not anymore. If the president’s order will be fulfilled as stated by Novak (the Central Bank gives money to the bank, the bank gives money to the Russian company for the construction of power plants in Crimea), then we get, what patriots of all stripes had long demanded: the Central Bank begins to finance the economic development of the country with its emission. This is a revolution. A quiet revolution. 

By the way, mortgage and agricultural loans will be subsidized – this is also a big success.

3. After approval by the government, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan announced a plan for the de-dollarization of the economy until the end of 2016. 

The main goal is to get rid of macroeconomic instability, which is created by the U.S. currency. Nazarbayev is a politician with great intuition and serious connections in Beijing and Moscow. A final approval of the policy of de-dollarization right now is a clear signal about the position of Kazakhstan in the context of impending acute phase of economic confrontation.

4. President Putin on March 10 instructed the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the government to determine the feasibility of creation of a monetary union of the EEU (Eurasian Economic Union). RIA Novosti leaked that the new currency of EEU, Altyn (or Evraz) may appear in 2016. 

5. Goldman Sachs, one of the top U.S. banks, the shadow comptroller of the Fed, and the “wallet” of that portion of the global elite, which Khazin calls “the conditional Rothschilds”, produces an analytical forecast, which recommends… to buy Russian bonds. To buy Russian bonds! Top American Bank recommends buying the bonds of the country, whose economy Obama supposedly “ripped to shreds”!

6. Britain expresses the desire to enter into the capital of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – international financial institution, which China has founded as a rival and a replacement of the International Bank, which is controlled by the USA. London dumps Washington in front of the entire world. Washington’s reaction is reminiscent of a reaction of a redneck who caught his British bride in bed with a Chinese boyfriend – furious. A senior official from the Obama administration told the Financial Times that the British initiative to enter the Chinese capital project “is not the best way to interact with emerging power”. Under “emerging power” the American cuckold implies China! The interesting thing is that London did not even bother to respond to the outrage of Washington.

In this context it is easy to guess what Putin was occupied with. He tamed the Central Bank, maintained international contacts and did everything so that Russia will be on top after the hot phase of the emerging global economic conflict is over. 

So far, everything is going well. The victory will be ours.

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