Putin’s brain extension – The National Center of Management of Defense of Russia (video)


April 2, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

On December 1, [2014], the National Center of Management of Defense of Russia began it’s full operations. It is located in downtown Moscow, in the place of the former headquarters of the ground forces, which inherited bunkers able to withstand a nuclear attack and underground communications with tunnels and other things, which are only known to God, and Putin with Shoigu. 

The nervous system of the center consists of shift teams spread out throughout the entire country. The shift teams are guys in uniform, who sit in specially equipped rooms on military bases from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. 

They are engaged in the following activities: 

Non-stop data collection and its delivery to the Center of Defense, analysis of the situation, control over the execution of orders of the management. 

The structures of Defense Center consist of the following components: 

  • The Center of Management of Strategic and Nuclear Forces 
  • The Center of Battle Management, engaged in support of battle potential during peacetime, and the management of the army in wartime
  • Center of Management of Everyday Operations – food, supplies, technology, housing issues and medical services 
  • Other elements of the structure are classified

How does the center work?

Daily the shift general reports on the situation to the head of the general staff. The report consists of concrete decisions, developed by the analysts of the center.

The head of the general staff only has to choose and confirm the right decision. Such organization of operations seriously increases the speed of reaction to the changes in situation.

The analysts of the center not only watch what’s going on with the army in our country, but also closely follow the political situation around the world, preparing algorithms of action for all kinds of options of development of events.

Let’s say, special services of our potential enemy are actively interested in a neighboring county. Signals about preparations for a state coup are coming in. The analysts forecast possible outcomes and develop a complex of measures for every option. It is unclear which turn history will take, but we are prepared for every turn, prepared a month ahead, or possibly years. As a result, measures are taken to prevent a coup.

Another example. A coup has occurred in the neighboring country, resulting in strategically important points going under the control of the enemy. 

A file with developed operation is retrieved, and orders are dispatched to the military bases. Commanders retrieve documents with a red number, and deploy their units in the required direction. Every soldier is in his place, every ship in the necessary square. Every airplane flies in the necessary sector. The hand is ready to be played. The figures have been placed. 

Meanwhile the world media is hysterical. Some peninsula is filled with polite people, and a referendum is held. The general staff of Ukraine is outraged – the Russians are at least one step ahead, and no one can catch up to them, and Americans are watching the unsinkable aircraft carrier getting away and bite their nails.

Now those forces, that experience, those brains, which have developed the operation to return Crimea, are united together in the framework of the National Center of Defense of Russia. One can only imagine, what they are capable of, united in such a powerful structure, possessing serious resources. 

At a minimum the center is able to work covering all the countries of ODKB, and all those whom Russia believes to be faithful allies.

What is the reason for such an effectiveness of the center? 

Powerful technologies, colossal experience of extra class specialists and a supercomputer at the service of the center. Here are some of its characteristics:

  • 236 petabytes of hard drive
  • 16 petaflops productivity
  • The speed of data processing – 50 Lenin libraries per second

In comparison, the capability of the Pentagon is: 12 petabytes and 5 petaflops.

On a technical level our super computer represents several unified centers of data gathering, duplicating each other, and spread out throughout the entire country. Now this system is able to automatically translate from 6 languages, identify images and people, process information from radio, video, blogs, social media, and even from a live broadcast. 

In the event of a war the Defense Center will perform its main purpose, becoming the headquarters of Commander-in-Chief.

Without any prior preparation the Defense Center is able to immediately and effectively respond to a strike. 

One would like to hope that this will never happen, but it is much more comforting to believe this, knowing that somewhere underneath our feet, there are people working right now, who know what needs to be done. 

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