Russian-American business is booming, thanks to Hillary

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“I just sold Soviet uranium back to Russia, what have you done?”

April 27, 2015

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

KR: There is good news: we finally have a roadmap on how to make the West happy, which has been on a mission to end corruption in Russia – to legitimize it Hillary Clinton style.

 Watch and learn from the best, Russian politicians! 

Mikhail Delyagin:

Hello, dear friends!

In our brotherly (for some) America a little scandal is brewing. It turns out that several years ago, when the current candidate to the post of the American president, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton’s wife, used to be  Secretary of State during the first period of Barack Obama’s presidency, the Russian Federation completed a beautiful operation. Our “Rosatom” faced with a shortage of uranium purchased the Kazakh reserves of uranium. 

The problem was that the Kazakh deposits belonged to an American company, and in order not to waist time or attract too much attention, “Rosatom” purchased this American company.

Since there is democracy and freedom of enterprise in America, and the state does not interfere in anything, a foreign company can only purchase an American company in the business of producing uranium only with the permission of the American state.

Thus two things coincided: on one hand the Secretary of State did not interfere with the transaction, and even gave her veiled blessing through her associates – such matters do not get decided without a Secretary of State. And on the other hand, at the same time the Clinton foundation received a very generous donation (or bribe) from the same “Rosatom”. 

And now, connecting the dots, the New York Times, the paper which generally supports the democrats, is asking a question, is this not a bribe?

It turns out that Rosatom gave a bribe to Hillary Clinton so that she would allow it to purchase the American company, simply speaking.

In the meantime the Russian liberals, who work for Bloomberg, and other democratic media noted, that “It is no big deal, there was a technical error, the money came not from Rosatom, but a sister structure, the misunderstanding will be solved shortly”

There are rumors that Clinton is our old agent, but it is enough to look at her rhetoric to refute that. The lady was simply looking for a perfect 10. It was a one time operation. A payment had to be made in a proper American style, not in a suitcase. A one time operation was completed, everyone is content, but not everyone is happy.

I will remind you that in a similar situation, when Sarkozy had to conceal the fact that Qaddafi sponsored his presidential election campaign, in order to remove the problem, Sarkozy destroyed not only Qaddafi, but the entire Lybia. 

And when we see today the hysterical position of Clinton towards Russia, at its foundation, in my opinion is the same motivation, as Sarkosy had towards Qaddafi – to cover the tracks. To destroy a country in order to cover tracks of a personal crime.

Corruption unfortunately is dangerous for both parties. For the receiver it is a threat of exposure, but in America Clinton can deal with it, if anything she may share with the right people, or not; but for those who are on the other end of  transaction, the danger is that they may be silenced forever. And we are not talking about Kirienko, or Rosatom, which is not saying anything out of line for now, but for Russia as a whole.

This is another argument to jail corrupt politicians, and may be even shoot them as in China, and not give them probation.

Thank you.

KR: On the other hand it is reassuring that Russian-American commerce is booming!

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