Russian bikers determined to invade Europe, despite protests


President Putin riding with the Night Wolves

April 13, 2015

Translated from Russian by Alexey Tatu

Watch out, Europe, the Russian bikers are coming!

The leader of the Russian ‘Night Wolves’ bike club announced that the motocross run “Victory. Moscow-Berlin” will go on as planned . Despite protests from the Poles, he said the bikers plan to ride through Poland.

The leader of the “Night Wolves”, and one of the founders of the Russian “anti-Maidan” movement, Alexander “The Surgeon” Zaldostanov says he will not change the route of the motocross “Victory. Moscow-Berlin.” The route will remain unchanged despite protests from the Poles. The Russian bikers plan to proceed in any case, and that includes going through Poland, Alexander said this in his comments to “Radio Poland”.

Alexander Zaldostanov

“After all, we’re not going there to visit them [Poles – ed]. Our final destination is Berlin. For an action, of course there would be a reaction. We will not give up this campaign, which has already been planned, and will do what we have to do,” – said the “Surgeon”.

At the same time, Alexander called the organizers and participants of the Polish protest against the Night Wolves’ motocross run – provocateurs.

“I want to warn these provocateurs. For us and our organization, there are beliefs and values we share. We will never abandon them. And one of these values is, of course, victory in the Great War. This victory no one can take away. Therefore, they should stay out of our way and not be particularly worried” – he said, adding that the protesting Poles share a minority view.

“The majority [Poles – ed.] share our views, and our common victory,” said the biker.

He also expressed hope, that the rally will be joined by Polish bikers who had previously participated in the rallies in Sevastopol and Kaliningrad.

“I have high hopes that the Polish bikers remember the warm greetings they received in Sevastopol, when they rode through that city,” – he said.                                 
Twenty people plan on participating in the motocross rally, said Alexander “the Surgeon” Zaldostanov. He also noted that the participants in the rally have not yet encountered any visa problems.

We remind the readers, that the Russian motorcycle club “Night Wolves” is going to hold the motocross run “Victory. Moscow-Berlin”, which will begin on April 29th, and conclude on May 9th. [Victory Day. Or Veteran’s Day. This second date also coincides with the biggest military celebration and parade in Russia! – AT]  The route will encompass Moscow -Minsk-Brest- Wroclaw-Brno-Bratislava-Vienna- Munich-Prague-Torgau-Karlshorst – and will conclude in Berlin. This motorcycle rally is in honor of the 70th anniversary victory celebration of the end of WWII.

The motocross is causing a stir among the Poles. Even a Facebook page was created called «Нет проезду бандитов из России через Польшу» (“No to the bandits from Russia crossing Poland”) where activists are calling to block the passage so bikers cannot maneuver through the country. The protest at the moment has gathered more than five thousand supporters.

The “Night Wolves” do not hide their political affiliation, and as an organization openly support the policies of Vladimir Putin. The President of Russia even received a keepsake leather jacket with the clubs anthem, and in 2009 headed the convoy of bikers as they rode into Novorossiysk.

The leader of “Night Wolves,” Alexander “the Surgeon” Zaldostanov is considered to be a friend of Putin, and has repeatedly organized meetings with the bikers and the President.

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