Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 11, 2015


April 11, 2015

Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 11, 2015

By J.Hawk

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“We will not abandon our chosen path”

 Zakharchenko responded to Poroshenko’s assertions that the Donbass will eventually be reintegrated into Ukraine, in accordance with the principle “one country, one language, one president” which, Zakharchenko noted, harkens back to the Nazi doctrine of “ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer.” Moreover, the head of the DPR pointed out that the Minsk Agreement called decentralization of authority in Ukraine, local elections, and the disarming of unlawful armed formations, which the Ukrainian government shows no intention of pursuing.

No debt forgiveness for Ukraine
The creditor committee consisting of the five largest holders of Ukrainian government securities totaling over $10 billion categorically rejected debt “restructuring” (i.e., forgiveness), which IMF requires as a condition for a second $5 billion tranche. Note that the $10 billion are in addition to the $3 billion which Ukraine is obligated to repay Russia already this year. This is the reason credit agencies lowered Ukraine’s credit rating to pre-default.

78 percent of Ukrainians “criminally” consider World War 2 to be the Great Patriotic War
Moreover, the overwhelming majority is in favor of holding the Victory Day celebration on May 9, in spite of Ukrainian government efforts to criminalize every aspect of Soviet history. 

Russia to hold four thousand military exercises of various scale in 2015

BMD-4M Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Continuing the trend toward increasing professionalism and combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense plans to carry out a total of four thousand military exercises and drills in 2015, an increase over last year. In addition, all non-commissioned officer ranks will be filled by contract soldiers, rather than draftees, and the Armed Forces will receive significant quantities of both modernized and new military equipment. 

Germany on its knees. Journal Smena [Change] from July-August 1945

The post contains the scanned-in pages of the illustrated Smena magazine, the first issue to be published after the end of the Great Patriotic War capturing the spirit of the great victory.

Construction of the Borovskoye Shosse station of the Moscow Metro–a photo report

 A well illustrated post showing the construction of one of the five metro stations to open in Moscow in 2015.

Yak-130 for Belarus VVS

 The Yakovlev plant delivered the first of the Yak-130 combat-capable jet trainers to the Belarus Air Force.

DPR ingenuity in action

As improbable as it looks, it’s a BMP-2 turret from a presumably destroyed vehicle fitted to a 4×4 chassis to create an improvised armored car.

One more T-14 photo

This time its frontal aspect. Note the three sets of vision ports in the hull, and the thick side armor panels.

Rosselkhoznadzor: Russia received permits to export cheese, caviar, poultry, and honey to Egypt
…as well as milk, cream, fish, fodder grain, and several other items produced by 21 Russian enterprises. Of particular interest is that the exporters include four firms based in the “sanctioned” and “isolated” Crimea.

Yuriy Dolgorukiy SSBN in a dry dock

Vladimir Putin sends a 70th Victory Anniversary amnesty bill to the Duma
The amnesty will cover 60 thousand individuals serving prison terms, and 200 thousand suspended sentences. Priority will be given to combat veterans who have since been convicted of crimes after leaving the military, and the participants in the Chernobyl clean-up. It will also cover the socially disadvantaged, juvenile criminals, women convicts with children, and elderly prisoners of both genders.

Berezhok for Algeria

Algeria wants to upgrade over 300 of its BMP-1 vehicles to the BMP-2 Berezhok standard pictured above. This would be the first time the Berezhok upgrade would be applied to BMP-1s, not -2s. The Russian MOD is also interested in upgrading its BMP-2 fleet in this fashion, as it is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the effectiveness of these vehicles.

April Hero

“The main hero of April is the Russian Ruble. A real tough guy. In a fur hat, with a balalaika, riding a bear–all in all, everything as it should be.”

Our Odessa

A post with several composite photographs overlaying wartime images onto the current city landscape.

Tashkent. City Center

A large photo gallery depicting the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

April 10, 2015

This is (obviously) a satirical reply to the proposal by two renowned Russian directors, Mikhalkov and Konchalovskiy, to open a fast food chain that would replace McDonald’s in Russia. The Russian government refused to lend them the billion rubles they asked for to implement their idea.

Soyuz launch from French Guyana

That will show them…

 “Ukraine will not beg for money from those countries whose representatives attend the Victory Parade in Moscow.”

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