Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 12, 2015



Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 12, 2015

By J.Hawk

This is a daily Fort Russ feature. To view earlier editions, please click on the “Daily Brief” tab above the title.

Donetsk People’s Republic flag raised over Antarctic

The flag was placed there by a renowned Soviet polar explorer Vladimir Koshelyov.

Life in Soviet-era Baltic republics

Photographs from ’50s, ’60s, and the ’70s. It wasn’t a perfect world by any means, but looking at that same world today (and I grew up not that far from there), in many ways it was far less imperfect than what we see there today.

Yet more T-14 photos

Several more at the link. I guess we won’t get a look at the turret until the things appear on the Red Square on May 9!


Teacher’s note to parents: Dear Andrey Igoryevich, your 3rd-grader son was disruptive today during the 10th grade military preparedness class during his late stay at school. He continuously interrupted the teacher, arguing that “this is not how one trains soldiers,” and criticizing the teacher for allegedly showing the incorrect procedure for disassembling and assembling the Kalashnikov rifle. Andrey Igoryevich, please have a talk with your son concerning proper behavior in class, and also review the alphabet with him–he continues to make mistakes.

UAF preparing a provocation using Russian Army uniforms
DPR Ministry of Defense warned that, according to intelligence data, the UAF are preparing to carry out a provocation using Ukrainian soldiers wearing Russian uniforms. A truckload of troops dressed in this way was seen leaving Dnepropetrovsk and heading east.

A Russian Navy ship evacuates over 300 foreign citizens from Yemen

 Remarkably, the total includes 18 US and 5 British citizens.

How Timofey Khryukin sank an aircraft carrier

 One of the lesser facts of World War 2 is that USSR fought against each of the three Axis powers before the war “officially” started. Not only did it fight all three of them, it was the only major Allied power of WW2 to have fought ANY of them. The article (more illustrations at the link) details the operations of Russian aircraft and aircrews operating (with Chinese markings) as part of the Chinese Nationalist Air Force against the Japanese, activities which may well have served as the inspiration for FDR’s “Flying Tigers.” The ship in question was an auxiliary aircraft carrier Yamato-Maru, a converted ocean liner that was used as a floating airfield by the Japanese Army Air Force–until it was sank by Khryukin’s Tupolev SB-2 twin-engined bomber on July 28, 1938. The ship’s wreckage can still be seen on the shores of Yangtze river.

Another Sukhoi Superjet makes its maiden flight

 It’s the sixth brand-new Superjet already this year to take to the skies. The plane will be delivered to Aeroflot.

WNA: Russia is the world’s leader in developing new nuclear technologies

 The World Nuclear Association also noted that Rosatom has a portfolio of outstanding orders totalling $100 billion, thanks to the affordability, reliability, safety, and power of the Russian fission reactors. In 2014 alone Rosatom’s portfolio increased from 20 to 28 reactor orders, and today Russia is building more reactors in foreign countries than any other country.

Russian seaport cargo volume increased by 8.9% during January-March 2015

 The increase is in part due to the fact that Russian shipping companies are no longer using ports located in Ukraine or in Baltic states, favoring seaports located on Russia’s territory instead.

Video report on Crimea’s shipyards

Russian defenders of human rights ask Russia to recognize DPR/LPR documents

Theoretically most inhabitants of DPR and LPR have Ukrainian identity papers. However, these are gradually reaching their expiration dates, and since Ukraine’s institutions have stopped functioning on the Donbass, DPR/LPR are issuing their own documents as replacements. However, Russia is not recognizing their validity, which is complicating trade between the two political entities, and is threatening to make Novorossia’s humanitarian situation worse. However, recognizing LPR/DPR documents as valid would be tantamount to recognizing the two republics’ independence.

Russian VVS to accept Pantsyr-S2 into service

The Pantsyr-S2 is a short-range air defense system capable of engaging even small and stealthy targets, including cruise missiles, drones, and precision-guided air-to-ground munitions. Its uses include airfield defense, as well as close protection of S-300 and S-400 regiments against anti-radar missiles.

A new brand

The VS-121 sniper rifle, which is undergoing the final stages of its development at the Izhevsk Factory, will replace the famous Dragunov SVD sniper rifle in the Russian Armed Forces.

Chronicles of an economy in a dive

“I announced what?”

Akhmetov’s Metinvest declares bankruptcy. Ukraine’s debts will not be forgiven by foreign creditors. Ukraine’s utility rates will continue to climb. Businesses are forecasting growth of unemployment in Ukraine. Fruits and vegetables may soon become unaffordable for many Ukrainians. But there is money to change all the city and street signs which recall Soviet-era heroes and officials! And you know who else has money? Kolomoysky, who apparently is planning to buy the recently bankrupted Delta-Bank.

St. Petersburg as a toy

A photo gallery of St. Petersburg shot by a Russian photographer Dmitriy Pesochinskiy from the altitude of 300m. Over 30 photographs which create an illusion one is looking at a scale model of the city.

 The hedgehogs of Elena Eremina

A sizable photo gallery. I’m actually a cat person, but I could switch!

The history of Baikonur, which almost was not Baikonur

A well illustrated post showing the development of one of the world’s most important space launch facilities.

St. Petersburg. A time machine to the 19th century

 The entire blog consists of galleries of illustrations in which old photographs are overlaid on contemporary shots of the same locations. But in this instance, it’s paintings of 19th century St. Petersburg which are used.

Enjoy your Sunday! Photos by Nadezhda Shibina

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