Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 3, 2015



Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 3, 2015

By J.Hawk

LPR introduces temporary passports

 The passports are of course identity papers, the equivalent of the US driver’s license. Until now Ukrainian passports sufficed. However, with all of Ukraine’s official institutions shuttered on LPR/DPR territory, its government was compelled to take this step, which actually represents a major leap away from Ukraine and toward independence…or toward Russia.

The noose around Yatsenyuk’s neck is tightening

 “Please make it painless!”

The noose appears to be wielded by a group of Poroshenko Block deputies in the Rada–I’m guessing that’s revealing as to who’s giving them rope? Yatsenyuk, unsurprisingly enough, is being blamed for everything the Sun, to the point of almost being scapegoated for Poroshenko’s policies (because, let’s face it, it’s Poroshenko who’s waging the war, not Yatsenyuk). And they are also going after Avakov at the same time, apparently for his insufficient enthusiasm when it came for going after Kolomoysky. It was Nalivaichenko who stepped up to the plate, which is why the SBU is being rewarded while Avakov is facing awkward questions concerning corruption and stuff. 

LPR retirees start receiving pensions…in rubles

The same thing is true for DPR. Since the ruble is fast becoming the currency of choice in LPR and DPR, in large part due to the shortage of hryvnya, it’s another sign of the republics’ drift away from Ukraine.

The battle of Ukraine’s sumo wrestlers

The two are Nalivaichenko and Avakov, as the SBU is clearly in the driver’s seat, arresting and investigating everyone everywhere. Especially Avakov’s MVD and Yatsenyuk’s ministers. Other Maidan heroes, including Turchinov and Parubiy, are also being targeted. So it’s looking like, if not a Night of Long Knives, then at least a Thermidor.

Semenchenko blamed for murder of the cousin of a US citizen and CIA asset Mykola Lebed

“Who? Me????”

This post is based on investigative reporting by a Ukrainian journalist Vladimir Boiko who apparently made a cause out of discrediting Semenchenko (which should be an easy enough task). This is a rather lengthy article which accuses Semenchenko of a variety of shady dealings, but also of accepting $300 thousand from Mark Paslavskiy, a US citizen, for the purpose of procuring surveillance drones. When Paslavskiy wanted to see the evidence that the money was spent properly, he was shot and killed. Semenchenko indeed posted information about soliciting money for drones and receiving a big sum from US donors–there might be not just smoke but also fire here.

The notes of an artilleryman

As the photo suggests, the artilleryman serves in the UAF, and he has lots of choice words for the military and its leadership. His biggest complaint is the shortage of equipment in working order. For example: “Why is it that out of three howitzers only one can make it to the firing position, and even then it suffers misfires 50% of the time?”

 Paris blames Kiev for the first time in violating Minsk Agreement

The blog cites a Le Monde article which has Hollande accuse Poroshenko of failing to schedule elections and pursue Ukraine’s decentralization, as stipulated by the Minsk Agreement. Certainly a step forward in the West’s treatment of the issue.

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Russia’s nuclear breakthrough

The BREST reactor is the first so-called fourth-generation, or closed cycle reactor, in the world. Its advantage is that it uses nuclear fuel very efficiently, leaving far less radioactive waste and without producing plutonium as a byproduct of controlled fission reaction. It can also operate on used fuel rods which are currently stored as radioactive waste. It’s not clear when BREST reactors will enter production, but the design is in the final stages of development.

“Boomerangs” at the Victory Parade rehearsal

 The Boomerang is the 8×8 APC to replace BTR-80 and -82, and the last of the Armata/Kurganets/Koalitsiya/Bumerang family of AFVs to be revealed. The accompanying video of parade rehearsal shows pretty much the entire line-up, but also with a few T-34s for nostalgia’s sake, not to mention T-90s, BTR-82s, Tigrs, BMD-4s, and the like:

Ukrainians are not being issued foreign passports

Ukraine’s agencies have the ability to issue 4.5 thousand passports per day. However, they’ve been receiving 8 thousand foreign passport applications EVERY DAY, so the equipment has broken down. Any wonder the EU is not about to allow visa-free travel?

Chronicles of an economy in a dive, pt. 7

This helpful explains the growing utility costs facing Ukrainians. And this is just the beginning…

Female soldiers of the Russian Army

Lots of photos.

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