Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 4, 2015



Russian Blogosphere Survey for April 4, 2015

By J.Hawk

Small-arms battle at Shirokino

These are really only skirmishes, neither side is using their main forces. Still, Shirokino, which is supposed to be in an unofficial neutral zone between the two sides, is the most active sector of the front line.

Crimea: Water freedom from UnitedUkraine

Crimea’s water problem appears to be solved, thanks to the Russian Army’s Pipeline Troops, who dug artesian wells and laid 8 pipelines to ensure Crimea’s water self-sufficiency. Next step: Crimea’s energy self-sufficiency.

More about the new, honest, and free guardians of Kiev’s law and order

Turns out the camouflaged types overturning some guy’s coffee machine truck were in fact the local police, which has simply absorbed all manner of militants. Yes, this is going to end so well…

The license tag says simply “Punitive Troops”. They appear to be members of the Pechersk Battalion, a fairly new volunteer formation which, for some reason, has been deputized to carry our law enforcement duties in Kiev.

UkRuine’s flight into the abyss still on course

Ukraine’s economy shrank by 28% in 2014. Ukraine’s budget revenues dropped by 50%.

Yatsenyuk flew to Germany to reach an agreement with Merkel on elections in Ukraine

“I have the Precious, the Precious!”

The article speculates that Yatsenyuk’s surprise and unannounced visit to Germany was intended to discuss the possibility of holding elections to the Rada, to forestall Yatsenyuk’s impending political demise. It doesn’t appear Merkel threw him a lifeline, though, because the noose is continuing to tighten around the Prime Minister.

Is the Right Sector going on the offensive?

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It does seem like Yarosh negotiated a better deal than initially reported. Now the Right Sector will form five assault battalions as part of the 79th Separate Airmobile Brigade. The battalions will retain wide-ranging autonomy, while gaining access to military weapons, training facilities, and other UkrMOD resources. Big win for Yarosh.

The Kerch Strait bridge will be 19km long

The construction will involve an estimated 250 thousand tons of metal. Surely the project of the century.

Russian Orthodox Church proposes to combine socialism and monarchy

The system would combine Russia’s traditional strengths: emphasis on state power, justice, and solidarity.

Fortress Crimea

In the space of one year Russia was able to establish in the Crimea a powerful military grouping, capable of resisting a massive attack from air, land, or sea. Many of its troops are former UAF servicemembers who decided to remain in Crimea after it joined Russia, and joined the Russian military.

Aviation factory in Kharkov launches a protest action

Kiev owes them 43 million hryvnya in back pay. Yeah, I’d be pissed too.

Your face once you’ve crossed the border with Poland and need not worry about mobilization any more

You were asking for a song

The song is Lyube’s “The Red Army is the strongest of all”

The Buk-M3 medium-range air defense system

It’s the latest variant of the rather well known Buk system, with greatly improved performance. Range 70km, max altitude 35km, a battery can track and engage 36 targets simultaneously. It will enter series production in 2016.

Chronicles of an economy in a dive, pt. 8

 The Ukrainian government will no longer certify infant foods and baby carriages, to stimulate business activities. And, presumably, infant mortality. Meanwhile both German and US commercial firms are either fleeing Ukraine or preparing their “exit strategies,” and sea port activity had dropped by 10%.


The news here is that the development of the planned FGFA fighter for India, which is the export variant of the T-50, had run into a brick wall. This is likely due to India not really knowing what kind of a plane it wants, which is also evident in the difficulty Dassault had security its Rafale contract. Moreover, it appears that India wants the FGFA to be fully equivalent to the T-50. However, even a “degraded” FGFA would beat the Rafale all to hell…

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