Russian Duma deputy proposes to declare the Ukrainian Armed Forces an extremist formation


April 11, 2015

Dmitry Runkevich, Yelena Malay

Translated from Russian by Alexey Tatu

“Right Sector” will now be included in the structures of the Ukrainian army, this same group is recognized as an extremist faction and outlawed in the Russian Federation.



Alexei Didenko (LDPR), who is a member of the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, has prepared a letter to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Yuri Chaika, and Chairman of the Supreme Court of Russia, Vyacheslav Lebedev. The Deputy asks for a legal assessment of the Right Sector joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF), as stipulated under Russian legislation on extremist militias. The legislator noted that recently a decision was made where the paramilitary group “Right Sector” became an integral part of the Ukrainian military forces, and the leader of the ultra-nationalist organization, Dmytro Yarosh, was appointed as the adviser to the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will now include a Ukrainian Volunteer Corps known as the “Right Sector,” which will be transferred there under military contract. They will be assigned to the 79th airborne brigade, said the Advisor to the President of Ukraine, Yuri Biryukov.The “Right Sector” today includes 20 battalions, which consist of a few thousand fighters. The “Right Sector” leader Dmytro Yarosh, who still has an open criminal case awaiting him in Russia, became an advisor to the commander in chief of the armed forces of Ukraine, Viktor Muzhenko.  

The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation declared the organization “Right Sector” “extremist” during a court case in the middle of November of 2014. “Thousands of nationalist soldiers with extremist ideas now play an integral role in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and have key roles in its formation,” – notes Alexey Didenko. The deputy also mentions that Russia should react with an appropriate response to such a move by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The Russian judicial system has labeled “Right Sector” an extremist organization. After that judicial decision last year, the recent step by the Ukrainian Armed Forces demonstrate that they share the extremist positions of the “Right Sector” organization, since they choose to take thousands of its soldiers into their ranks,” – notes the legislator.

“The Ukrainian army incorporates the radical ideology, and extremist ideas when they adopt the extremists themselves into the armed forces. The extremists will be sure to broadcast their ideology while in service in the armed corps.” The legislator goes on to ask that the Russian judicial bodies give  their assessment of the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

A member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Frenz Klintsevich, does not believe that the whole of the Ukrainian army corpus should be labeled an extreme organization. But he does believe that the “Right Sector” sub division of the army will engage in their respective political goals and work towards them while being a part of the army.

“I think that we shouldn’t recognize the entire army as extremist just because of the fact that it includes some extremist battalions. Although I would probably agree that you can label the Ukrainian leadership as extremist for allowing such procedures to take place at all,” – said a member of the Parliament. “But as for the whole army, it definitely consists of different people, and despite the fact that members of the ‘Right Sector’ would be in its ranks and would probably be campaigning to instill their malicious political outlooks upon the soldiers, I am still sure that many of the soldiers will not grasp on to the ideas and methods of the aggressive neo-Nazi groups.”

One of the founders of the “Anti-Maidan” movement in Russia and leader of the bike group ‘Night Wolves’, Alexander “The Surgeon” Zaldostanov, believes that in light of what’s actually going on in Ukraine and this recent decision by the country’s army, there will be an adequate response by the Russian jurisdiction to recognize the Ukrainian army as an extremist entity in itself.

“I believe this idea to be absolutely correct. The question to answer is, what is actually happening in Ukraine? Dissent is already forbidden, to think different of what you are told is a crime, the re-writing of history occurs on many different levels, including as it is taught to younger generation. Chaos is consistently caused by the extremist organizations, as well as crimes against civilians that are increasingly perpetrated by the army. I would fully support this idea, and would even take it even a step further; not only the army should be declared an extremist organization, but also all the international collaborators who cause mayhem there, and are responsible for these humanitarian crimes.“

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine submitted a bill to the Verkhovna Rada on the drafting of a law called, “On access to the archives of the repressive organs of the Communist totalitarian regime during the period of 1917-1991” on April 3rd of this year.

The Ukrainian government recognizes authorities and departments in the former Soviet Army as repressive, and lumps them in with other repressive organs. In another bill, the Ukrainian government did not include the Soviet Army to the list of structures which liberated the country in the Great Patriotic War. 


They chose not to commemorate those heroes as liberators of fascist occupiers, but instead to commemorate and glorify members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, openly fascist and Nazi collaborating elements in the second world war. Effectively managing to flip the whole of history on its head. 

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