Russian MOD to look for mass graves in Eastern Ukraine?



Russian MOD to look for mass graves in Eastern Ukraine?

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By J.Hawk

Russian blogger Denis Mokrushin published a post indicating the Russian MOD is putting out a tender to buy equipment to detect…mass graves through air sample analysis (corpses decompose, give out vapors, well you know the rest…). The procuring agency is in Rostov, and the equipment is likewise to be delivered to Rostov. According to the official documents (if it weren’t for those, I’d think this is an April’s Fool joke) the winning bid will be announced on April 16, 2015. It’s not clear when the equipment is to be delivered, but it would seem that since this is off-the-shelf stuff, the Russian military will have it in hand by the summer. Which raises the question–what are they planning to do with it??? And what would be the legal framework and/or justification for the Russian military using it in Eastern Ukraine? Or will one be even necessary should Ukraine simply disintegrate?

As reported yesterday, Ukraine is apparently expected to go belly up sometime after June. And why not? It’s not as if the IMF has a great deal of confidence its loans will ever be repaid, so why throw more money after bad?  One way or the other, this year promises to be at least as eventful as last one.

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