Security Service sweeps the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine


April 1, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

SBU against MIA?

Yesterday I saw a Facebook post from Igor Mosiychuk.

So to speak, SBU is conducting searches in the headquarters of the Interior Ministry. I don’t really trust what Mosiychuk says. But in the morning confirmations started to come in.

First of all, translating the post of Mosiychuk [from Ukr]:

“The dualism of power will destroy Ukraine. The confrontation between the President and the Cabinet of Ministers is gaining speed. Currently, according to insider information, the SBU is conducting mass searches in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The searches are conducted in the offices of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Special Service and other departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs”. 

No detailed comments on the occasion followed. The media published the following statement of the press secretary of the SBU: 

“We conducted a search in the building of the Interior Ministry on the power of attorney of the investigators of the Prosecutor’s office, therefore for the comments about what we were doing there, please contact them”

Meanwhile the reports about searches were refuted: 

“However, the information that the heads of the Ministry were subject to searches is not true.”

Here we must mention a very important fact. Avakov, and Gerashchenko who comment every sneeze on Facebook, are now silent. There are no posts on the topic for the need “to erase all corrupt officials from the Ministry” or on the subject that it is all the invention of Kiselev.TV [Russian TV] or Putin’s provocation. So it’s really serious.

Somewhat surprised by the fact that the search was conducted at the request of Prosecutor General. The Prosecutor General, Shokin, since his appointment works in coordination with Avakov. He resumed the Kernes case (which was very actively sought by Avakov), Shokin and Avakov are suspiciously synchronized in the case of the arrested head of the State Service of Emergency Situations. And now comes a search of the Interior Ministry.

Another news relevant to the topic. Today the head of the SBU said that Korban and Oleinik threatened the SBU investigator. I.e. despite the fact that the conflict seems to be exhausted, the pressure on the Kolomoisky team from the SBU continues. 

I have noted the diligence with which Avakov’s team was trying to smooth the relations with Kolomoisky team after the dust settled. Looks like they have a lot of common interests. And common enemies.

What can we say about all this? I absolutely do not understand why many have tried to present the conflict over “Ukrnafta” as a conflict between Kolomoisky and Poroshenko. The stand off is between very large international groups. This is not to restore order before the next attempt to crush Donbass by force. This is a large-scale redistribution, amid a sharp reduction in the quantity (and value) of that, which can be divided.


The CIA has an entire floor in the SBU building in Kiev, the hierarchy in Ukraine is clear: CIA/SBU, Payett/Poroshenko – then everyone else.

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