South Front vs. Youtube


April 24, 2015

South Front


YouTube has deleted the South Front channel: The official reason that was given was copyright violation
in the our old video “Stand with Ukraine” ( because of the claim of Nordic Films LTD.

This company makes video propaganda for NATO.

BUT, JUST A FEW MONTHES AGO YOUTUBE HAD ALREADY DELETED THE VIDEO “Stand with Ukraine” ( And we have never re-uploaded it.

Thus, Youtube has given our channel (2) two copyright strikes for 1 reason; Youtube has violated its own guidelines.


Please, send a message to: [email protected]

Subject: I demand that you restore the South Front channel

I demand that you restore the South Front channel, which had had millions of views.

YouTube, where is the people’s of Novorossiya right to tell the truth about what’s going on in that part of world? For what reason were they censored?

The official reason given, is that of one of copyright infringement, due to the old South Front video: “Stand with Ukraine” (

But a few months ago, the “Stand with Ukraine” video was already deleted by Youtube ( And they have never re-uploaded it.

YouTube deleted the channel in violation of its own guidlines. How can we understand this policy of double standards, when one «correct» media outlet can publish what they like while all other opinions are removed? It is unfair and only fueling the misunderstandings between people. If you do not give everyone the right to express their point of view equally, we will live in a society where only a few people/organizations are allowed to voice their opinion.

We appeal to you to return and restore the channel, so that we may continue broadcasting news on the Ukrainian crisis.


In the meantime:

1) You can watch our videos on our second channel:

2) You can also watch the “Stand with Ukraine” video here:

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