Survey: Russia ought to follow its own historical path


April 21, 2015

Survey: Russia ought to follow its own historical path

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

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According to a Levada Center poll, 55% of Russians are
certain that Russia ought to search for its own identity, 19% proposed to
return to the path followed by USSR, and 17% to follow the path of the European

The survey covered 1600 participants from 46 regions. In
comparison with a similar poll conducted in 2015, the number of people who
believe Russia ought to follow its own path has greatly increased, from 37% to
55%. The proportion of supporters of the European path dropped from 31% to 17%.

When asked to imagine Russia in 50 years, a quarter of the
respondents said that our country will become as developed and wealthy as Western
countries. Only slightly fewer respondents said that when it comes to
technology, science, and weaponry our country in 50 years will correspond to
Western standards, but individual life will be very different.

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