Terror in Odessa: mass arrests of protesters


April 17, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

As previously reported by the “Russian Spring”, in Odessa before the rally against rising utility prices, low pensions [1,000 UAH – KR] and salaries, protesters were detained.

The arrests, according to witnesses, were conducted by the police officers and the militants from the “Right Sector” and activists of Automaidan.

People were taken to an unknown destination. Seniors who participated in the action were threatened.

The protesters demanded to give Odessa region a status of “Porto-Franco” – a free trade zone. “We came here to a peaceful rally in support of initiatives to strengthen local self-government, including initiating”Porto-Franco” in Odessa.

Today the situation is such that the region regularly sends the taxes of the population to Kiev, however, only a small part comes back. [20% according to some sources – KR]

And there should be a fair distribution of funds between the region and the center to address socio-economic issues.

We wanted to tell the officials that will not allow lawlessness and require them to fulfill their duty before the people,” said one of the protesters Alexander Radkovsky, adding that the meeting was agreed upon, and the right to peaceful assembly is granted by the Constitution of Ukraine.

After a while to the meeting near the Opera house and in the Tchaikovsky alley came Automaydan’s activists and tried to disperse the protesters.

In all 53 people were detained.

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