The biggest asset of Novorossia militia is their spirit


April 27, 2015


Translated from Russian by Krisitna Rus

Zaporozhye Compatriots

Lately the ongoing work sucked me in, taking almost all of my free time. I didn’t notice the arrival of spring in Donetsk, and it came suddenly. Initially, the warm weather was mistaken for the arrival of spring, but the weather was deceptive, it was raining and snowing. And because of this inclement weather the fighters of the people’s army, trying to escape from the nasty chilly weather, completely immersed in the ongoing work on the creation and improvement of the liberation army. 

[Should the weather be credited for the ongoing shaky ceasefire? – KR]

Despite the apparent stubbornness of the weather, the city slowly turned green, and with the departure of rain everything bloomed. 

One of these warm, spring days my good friend asked to get together. I was very surprised to hear that he is in town, and was very happy to see my fellow neighbor.

We met on the banks of the river Kalmius, decided to go for a walk along the river. Walking, I watched the people around, they simply rested, enjoying the arrival of warm weather and the relative calm broken only by the repetitive rumble in the area of Donetsk airport.

Talking with my friend, we remembered our hometown, we remembered how we defended the regional administration building. We remembered how we stood at the Lenin monument, it seemed to us then it could be destroyed. I talked about how I was one of those who guarded the building of regional committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine on the Small market.

Remembered those who flushed the energy of the protest with their shady manipulations. In essence, at our weekly militia rallies, just standing around without any action led some people to doubt us and they never came again. And the incident, which is now a symbol of strength (300 Zaporozhtsi), was that very betrayal, and from the Banderites – the first act of intimidation. 

300 Zaporozhtsi

300 Zaporozhtsi against the Right Sector

Strolling along the promenade, we remembered our friends who serve in the ranks of the people’s army, those who were killed….

Next we talked about how we see our hometown in the future, because we didn’t particularly like the idea of Zaporozhye People’s Republic, we agreed that Zaporozhye must be part of a new anti-fascist Pro-Russian Ukraine, which we still have to fight for and build.

During our conversation we stumbled onto a secluded place where there was almost no one, just a group of militia resting on a lawn. Trying not to disturb them, we passed by, but noticing my uniform, one of them approached me and asked to join. Politely refusing, we wanted to leave, but the guys insisted and asked to join. As it turned out, they were the fighters from the city of Slavyansk, “slavyantsi” as they are called here, and today was the anniversary of their first battle. They remembered their trials, comrades, and dreamt of returning home.

Now they serve in different divisions, but continue to stay in touch, continue to get together.

This is what a real fraternity is, brothers in arms, which applies to all soldiers of the people’s liberation army.

Such a powerful and strong combat brotherhood I saw only among those who fought in Afghanistan and the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. And what I saw yesterday, is true not only of slavyantsi, who just like the “Vostok” brigade, took on the first battles with the fascists, this applies to all the soldiers of the people’s army, who all share a common spirit. Meeting in the city, the militia guys always try to help each other. Or just talk, if they have time. Although sometimes they are just strangers, they all feel a part of a single entity.

After our meeting with slavyantsi, I proposed for us, Zaporozhtsi, to meet more often. There are many of our compatriots in the people’s army, why don’t we just meet up and help each other? Because together we can bring our victory much sooner, and one of the stages of our victory will be in my home city of Zaporozhye. As the Red army soldiers seventy years ago, who came from the same villages and towns, united in tank crews, platoons and companies and together fought the fascist vermin – so we should be together.

See you in the USSR!

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