The DPR Expelled the American “Rescue Committee” for Espionage


April 30th, 2015
– Novorosinform – Translated – Joaquin Flores –

Editor’s note:  This story backs a credible narrative that the US intelligence apparatus has either penetrated or created numerous UN sponsored NGO’s and non-profits operating around the world, in Ukraine, and Novorossiya. 

The Ministry of State Security of the People’s Republic of Donetsk announced the expulsion of the “Salvation Committee” of the United States of America, from the country.  The foreigners allegedly involved in charity work were accused of spying.

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Employees of the organization arrived in Donetsk and the neighboring towns ostensibly to provide psychological assistance to women suffering from post-traumatic syndrome. But in fact  they were trying to get local residents to talk about their loyalties to the militias and movements of the army of Novorossiya.  Respondents were forced to fill out profile forms with their passport data [this mirrors ‘ethnological profiling’ we saw in the Yugoslav civil war – ed].

It was found that the Committee members tried to gain access to management offices of the DPR.  Listening devices were found in the Committee’s office during the search.

Funds for the implementation of the “humanitarian” mission in the Donbass were allocated from the Governments of Sweden, Ireland and Germany. In the DPR they came through Dnepropetrovsk by invitation of the UN.

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