The methods of the SS of OUN-UPA to be adopted by Security Service of Ukraine


April 1, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

Valentyn NALYVAICHENKO, head of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine): 

“We are documenting all the crimes of the Kremlin and their terrorists on the territory of Ukraine for the tribunal at the Hague”

“SBU doesn’t have to invent anything new – it is important to implement the traditions and methods of the work of the Security Service of  OUN-UPA in the 1930’s-1950’s. They worked against the aggressor under the conditions of a temporary occupation of the territory [350 years? – KR], had a patriotic education, military counterintelligence and relied on peaceful Ukrainian population, using their unprecedented support. When I was in opposition, we have studied these traditions carefully and the traditions of Lebed and Arsenich-Berezovsky, who created and headed the Security Service of the OUN.”

For starters, describing “the traditions and methods of the Security Service of the OUN”, I am not going to quote the Soviet documents on the activities of the “UPA Gestapo”, but one of the founders of the OUN and a friend of Eugene Konovalets, the ideologue of the OUN, Zinovij Knysh, who wrote in his work “Bandera Rebellion”:

“Bandera terror subsequently was systematized and adopted by the inglorious SS (Security Service). It brutally dealt with everyone who was thought to be the enemy, anyone who got in the way of a mad lust for power. In addition to members of the OUN, against whom all the poison of the Bandera hatred was directed, other citizens were killed for disobeying the Bandera orders: the members of Bandera party, whose Ukrainian heart responded with a protest against the criminal murder of their brothers; Ukrainians – for the fact that they were Roman Catholics; all those on whom the SS guardsmen took their revenge for personal matters. This depressing era of Ukrainian martyrdom has not yet found its pen. Some light of truth was shed by A. Shulyak in his book “In the name of truth”, where on page 30 we read: “This system of spying and liquidation of victims only on the basis of SS decision – without any trial, was shameful and terrible.”

“… The most stupid and terrible order was fulfilled. If an order came to eliminate the “suspect element”, the quest for all who seemed to be suspicious began. The prosecutors were the Bandera police, and none other. The elimination of the “enemies” was conducted solely by party lists. It is clear that in this category was everyone who was not a Bandera supporter”.

Now about the personalities, whose activities will guide the reforms of the SBU. Regarding Mikola Lebed, the architect Volyn massacre and for many years a full-time employee of the CIA, I wrote a lot about. Those wishing to refresh their memory may use the tag “Mykola Lebed.”

Regarding the founder of the OUN, Mikola Arsenich, nicknamed “Mikhailo”. Here are a couple quotes from the book “General Mykola Arsenich: life and activities of the chief of OUN”/Aleksandr Ishchyuk, Valery Ogorodnik. – Colomiya: 2010).” 

These authors do not hide their generally positive attitudes towards Banderites, however, they write that a huge, if not the main role was played by repressions and torture of banderites by SS of the OUN:

“It should be stated that the “cleansing” very much weakened the nationalist underground, and most importantly – have undermined the morale of ordinary nationalists. Only in winter and spring of 1945 in a number of district prefectures of the OUN (b) were liquidated about 200-300 underground [banderites]. The chiefs of SS were possessed with the thought about the large numbers of spies in the underground. “Without any special investigation the liquidation of people was conducted,” – said one report on the work of SS in the Rovno region, both among the members of the organization and among the population”. 

About 50% of population in Koretskyy and Kostopol districts and almost 85% in Sarny district were suspected of secret cooperation with the KGB.

“The rate of death sentences during the investigation of the possible cooperation of the underground members with the enemy was extremely high…. Such a battle against their own bled the organization and did not allow the SS to focus on countering real intelligence threats of the NKVD-NKGB” (p. 110).

Given the nature of torture, it is not surprising that the Soviet intelligence-battle groups did not lack in the amount of volunteers fleeing the OUN. I do not exclude that they were motivated by a desire for revenge.

“The interrogator sat at the table, and before him – the questioned, who had a cord with a wooden loop thrown on his neck, held by another SS agent. After the interrogation, at the interrogator’s signal, the agent who held the cord, instantly tightened it squeezing the neck of the questioned. Then he was dragged to the room next door, where the naked bodies were thrown in one pile, and the clothes and possessions – in another. The following night they were driven and buried in the woods or a field”. (page 108).

One can only look in the archives and special editions for the real face of those who shout “Glory to the Heroes!” to emerge in all its glory. Here are just a few facts that I gleaned from the book of Vedeneev and Bystryukhin with an ironic name of “Real intelligence operates accurately and courageously …” It has the subtitle “The documentary heritage of the special forces of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army”. All only based on facts from the archives of the SBU.

Let’s start with excerpts from the document of the Soviet security agencies about the use of torture by the banderites:

 “On August 4, 1948… were captured and brutally tortured, working in Stanislav region geologists Natalya Balashova, born in 1921, a native and resident of the city of Moscow, member of the CPSU [Communist party], and Rybkin Leonid, born in 1925, a native and resident of the city of Moscow, a member of the Komsomol”. The bodies of the captured in June 1945 by the UPA of two Soviet activists “bore traces of sadistic abuse”, arms and legs were twisted and broken, eyes poked out, hair torn from the head”. By the way, one of those killed in such an original way was a woman. And another died on August 7, 1948 after three days of interrogation “on the horizontal and vertical structure of the party and Komsomol”, refusing to answer questions. However, even if she answered, she would still be killed. UPA had no other punishment methods except death. But the latter had an incredible number of options!

According to a special message of NKGB of the USSR from 1944:

 “The investigative and punitive practices of the Security Service, as one of the methods of terror by the OUN-UPA, has the character that surpasses the middle ages in their abomination. The so-called “tsurkuvannya,” when the head of the interviewee is tied with a thin belt or a strong rope, tied to a stick, and then gradually a stick is turned until the skull cracks; setting heels on fire; beatings – these are the method of investigation of security service of the OUN-UPA. Hanging, murders of suspected people and their families, including of mothers, wives, and children with an axe, sawing with a saw – these are the typical methods of executing a sentence of the investigators of the police-executive bodies of the Security Service of the UPA.”

This was not propaganda, but a classified document of the Soviet People’s Commissariat of State Security (GB). And here is an excerpt from the instructions for the special forces fighters of the UPA, dated in 1944:

“There are no religious or behavioral morals in the agency work. There is one goal – to achieve success in the final interests, which are dictated by the struggle and successes…  For success one has to sacrifice his honor, to accept such methods, as blackmail, fraud, treachery, theft, lying, etc. For the good cause, the most shameful act is moral and everything is justified”.

One of the “heroes” of the UPA – Leniv nicknamed Rezunchik [“Chopper”] during the interrogation on August 20, 1951 admitted:

 “During liquidation we used the most brutal methods: death by hanging, slow strangulation, burning alive, stabbing… With my participation up to 200 people were murdered, who were suspected to have links with MGB [Soviet Ministry of State Security], or members of the OUN, suspected of treason. I don’t remember all these cases of liquidation of these individuals, but I can tell some things to the investigation. In August-September 1946, when our SB unit was stationed in the village Topilsk, Peregynsk district, Stanislav oblast, the heads of the unit “Omelko” suspected the courier of Peregynske district of OUN – “Shershnya”, the girl nicknamed “Charivna”, of connection with the MGB. After interrogation, accompanied by various torture, “Charivna” did not testify about her connection with MGB, however despite this, the commandant of “Omelko” ordered to hang her.”

Most likely, the poor girl was murdered in vain. Just because of a paranoid suspicion. But the UPA had extremely primitive methods of investigation. The uneducated natives of the countryside of Galicia and Volhynia, which constituted the main backbone of the rebels, were not fond of deductive methods. Their principle was “better to shoot ten innocent to punish one guilty”. If there was no evidence on the captured UPA member, that is, complaints, sometimes the arrested were released, and beatings during interrogations were supposed to be “a punishment for being suspected of activities against OUN”.

Imagine you are suspected by the UPA, and according to their logic it is your fault! Even Gestapo did not think of it!

The insurgent army fought against all and even with itself. On its conscience is the infamous “Volyn massacre” of 1943-1944, when on the territory of this region all ethnic poles were killed. Banderites eliminated entire villages. The “cynical Bandera” Poroshenko today is trying to whitewash this terrible past to no result. 

Let me remind you that the beginning of combat operations of Bandera forces was the physical destruction of competing nationalist organizations – the Ukrainian People’s Revolutionary Army  of hetman Bulba-Borovets and the activists of Melnikovsk wing of the OUN. And later the warlords of the UPA often had fights between themselves. For example, in 1948 two disctrict branches of the OUN clashed with each other – Janiszewsky, nicknamed “Daleky” and Cossack, nicknamed “Smoke”, the inventor of a particularly sophisticated system of torture “stanok”. The result of the conflict – 120 dead heroes of UPA.

More documents about the activities of the OUN can be found on the website of the heirs of Bandera, the “Electronic archive of Ukrainian liberation movement”, which they now proudly publish:

The militants of the OUN cut people as firewood…

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The liquidation list of the OUN during the period from 1944-1949

A partial list of Ukrainians, eliminated by the OUN in the Komarno district

The list of Ukrainians sentenced to death by the OUN 

Page from the list of Ukrainians, eliminated by the SB OUN without questioning

The execution of a Ukrainian woman with her son for the betrayal of the Ukrainian people by SB OUN

The order to the referents of the OUN – who they can sentense to the death penalty

A contract about the secret cooperation with the OUN

The “Black list” of Galicians liquidated for the sake of Ukraine by the OUN”

So one can imagine what awaits the citizens of Ukraine of ANY political orientation and any views, when the Security Service of Ukraine with American blessing will adopt for its operations “the methods and traditions of the OUN”.

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