The miners of “liberated” Donbass go on a hungry strike


April 1, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

SBU arrested “Antifascist” servers in Kharkov, this was posted on the “Antifascist” Facebook account

In the “liberated” areas of Donbass people are on the verge of starvation. The Ukrainian authorities have not paid wages to the miners for several months.

 The miners of the four mines of the state enterprise “Selidovugol” went on strike because of an egregious situation with wage arrears. Depriving miners of their livelihood, the authorities consider it acceptable to shut off electricity of the population, insolvent through no fault of their own.

This was reported on the website of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine.

Representatives of the state-owned enterprises, trade union members arrived to Kiev to meet with the heads of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.

“A delegation of 20 miners arrived to the capital from four mines: “Ukraine”, “Novogrodovskaya”, “Kurakhovskaya” and “Russia”. Among them are 10 representatives of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine”, – stated the message.

According to the chairman of the primary trade union organization of NPGU of the mine “1/3 Novogrodovskaya” of “Selydovugol”, Sergey Pavlov, they were delegated for talks with officials by people who are in a dire situation .

“The miners were not paid for January, December, February, although in April they should get paid for March. Meanwhile their electricity is shut off for failure to pay and the authorities don’t care that they have not been paid themselves. In our region there is a very difficult situation. In response the miners went on a hungry riot and four mines stopped working. The miners refused to go down to the mine, because they are waiting for the promised payments. Today we are going to demand justice in the capital. Our main demands: repayment of salary, arranging timely shipment of coal, the return of benefits to coal miners. We are ready for a radical protest,” – said Sergey Pavlov.

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