The rats are leaving the “Dollar” Titanic


April 22, 2015

Crimson Alter


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Do you remember a time when Communist party organizers, Comsomol leaders, heads of regional and city committees, as well as teachers of scientific atheism massively burned their party ID’s? These yesterday’s fans of Lenin and Marx, fierce and tireless builders of communism suddenly became true democrats, liberals, hidden dissidents and freedom fighters. Of course, these fellows didn’t care about democracy and liberalism. Their eyes were full of greed, and their fingers were already preparing to piecemeal the state property. They didn’t yet know the word “grant”, but they sensed the smell of money unmistakably, and this smell was driving them crazy. As the smoke dissipated from their burned communist ID’s, dissipated the hopes that the country can be saved. Would you like to watch the most famous system liberal in Russia burning his ID?

Arkady Dvorkovich needs no introduction. He established a reputation as a top system liberal, supporter of friendship with the West and the predatory market economy. And now the shocking news: burdened by two public black marks from Vladimir Putin, the most influential liberal of the Russian government decided to make a move. After consulting with his foreign friends, he publicly renounced the dollar system and opposed the US:

Deputy Prime Minister of RF, Arkady Dvorkovich supports the need to move towards a multi-currency system at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other international institutions such as the World Bank, opposed only by USA.

“We live in a strange world where the real balance of powers has changed, but the institutions remain the same. Today the institutions established 50 years ago, 20 years ago to protect the competitiveness of just one country, in reality damage the global economy: U.S. laws hurt banks in Europe and Asia,” – said Dvorkovich in Jakarta at the World Economic forum on East Asia, which was attended by over 700 participants from 40 countries of the world.

According to him, “It is necessary to have a long term vision and to fulfill obligations, then the currency is demanded and respected. A good example – China, and Russia is on this path.”

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If Dvorkovich came out on the podium of the forum in Jakarta singing the Soviet national anthem and wrapped in St. George ribbons as the mummy of Ramses, it would not have produced such a shocking effect. If Dvorkovich went out in public in a t-shirt saying “Obama is a d$ckhead” it could be considered a joke. Obamas come and go, even the Bushes and the Clintons change places with each other, and only the dollar and its hegemony remain the invariable basis of American control of the world. The most famous Russian liberal declared his support for the rebellion against the US dollar as the dominant currency and demanded the reform of the IMF, the same reform, on which Russia and China are insisting, trying to break the American system of financial neo-colonialism once and for all.

This is a very serious statement made publicly and in a very serious circle. Forum in Jakarta is the “Asian Davos”, created by Beijing as a counterweight to Western Davos to become a platform for the discussion of the economy in the post-American world. It is not even appropriate to visit this forum for a hardcore liberal. And to declare that the dollar should be thrown overboard of the world economy is a clear betrayal of US interests and of a significant part of the global financial elite.

As the cherry on the cake – the statement about the need to reform the IMF. China, Russia, and indeed all the G20 countries except the United States demand that Washington parts with “the controlling share” of IMF votes. The agreement was reached in 2010 at the G20 summit, but the Congress, full of American “hawks” and supporters of power domination over the world at any cost, did not agree to ratify the act on IMF reform, which they saw as a surrender of the United States before the rest of the world.

In a February’s article about the battle for the IMF  the main goal of Russia and China was identified:

“If the “anti-American coalition” seizes control of the IMF, the further use of already existing and perfectly honed mechanisms of the Fund for the achievement of geopolitical objectives will be trivial. The IMF already has the necessary geographical separation of functions and mechanisms of “collective control” over the same territory previously used by the US and the EU to conveniently separate influence over a country. Imagine the joy that will possess the Ukrainian junta, if it finds out that now the head of IMF working group on Ukraine will be a Russian. And what kind of reforms can this working group perform in Ukraine… and Kiev will not be able to get out of this, because the rupture of relations with the IMF is equal to immediate economic disaster. China, India, Brazil and other countries also have, or will soon have their own “Ukraine”, to which the rich toolkit of the IMF could be applied. Just the interception of control over Greek debt and the debts of other EU countries is priceless.”

And here from the podium of the “Asian Davos” Arkady Dvorkovich denounces the U.S. for unfair control of the IMF, demands the introduction of multi-currency system (i.e. eliminating the hegemony of the dollar) and accuses Washington of causing intentional damage to the European and Asian banks. This is way cooler than just to burn a membership ID. This is already a declaration of war and the hoisting of a rebel banner over the boat.

What is the reason of the reckless behavior of Russian Vice-Premier? That he converted to a zealous patriot and a supporter of economic sovereignty coupled with the de-dollarization of the economy is hard to believe. And there is no need to believe that when there is a much more prosaic and realistic explanation. You can have different opinions about the moral and professional qualities of Arkady Dvorkovich, but even his most implacable enemies admit that he is a master in holding the nose to the wind. He senses where the money is, and where are problems, not even on the level of rational analysis, but somewhere on the level of unconditioned reflexes and instincts. The revolt of the liberal Dvorkovich against the U.S. and the dollar hegemony is evidence that some very influential (Dvorkovich does not hang out with weaklings) part of Western elites came to the conclusion that the US is facing crisis and disaster, and the future is with the Russian-Chinese multi-currency and multi-polar world. 

Probably, these are the same people who not so long ago organized the relocation of the headquarters of the most powerful branches of the Rothschild clan to Hong Kong. After weighing all the risks and benefits, the most promoted and well-known Russian liberal decided to join the ranks of the enemies of the hegemony of the dollar. If even the most persistent and high-ranking supporters of Russia’s integration into the “New American World” are fleeing the American political Titanic, this means that the prospects of USA today are about the same as those of the USSR in 1991.

Is it possible to judge the actions of Dvorkovich as a betrayal of the “American World” (Pax Americana)? For this occasion there is a good liberal saying: “To betray at the right time means to foresee”.

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