The Right Sector has been utilized


The Right Sector

April 2, 2015
Izborgsky Club
Vladislav Shurygin (Military Expert)
Translated by Kristina Rus


The days of the battalions of the Right Sector are numbered. Kiev decided to deprive the ideological punishers of independence. However, this will not affect the combat capability of the Ukrainian army, because the people of Yarosh were not accompanied by success in battle.

The military expert of the newspaper “Tomorrow”, a member of the Izborgsky club, Vladislav Shurygin told the “Actual comments” that the official armed forces of Ukraine are suspicious of the volunteer fighters:

– The military, subordinate to Kiev, look at the “Right Sector” like the Wehrmacht at the SS: stubborn guys, generally – scumbags. For its part the “Right Sector” was jealous and is jealous of the equipment, heavy weapons of the armed forces, which they do not know how to properly use, often run away, often surrender, and so on. Therefore, not once, not twice erupted conflicts, which even ended up in exchange of fire, – says Shurygin.

According to the expert, it is obvious that the Kiev authorities are done with the Right Sector. “No one will save them as separate units. Even if they are accepted into the Ministry of Defense, but not as separate units, that are stuffed with just volunteers, but simply as a structure, which will then be diluted with recruits,” – he said.

Shurygin is convinced that neither military command, nor the political leadership will not tolerate an organized armed force, which may in certain circumstances turn against them. “The days of these battalions are numbered. I think this process will have little impact on the combat readiness of the Ukrainian army, because it will be conducted during a period when there are no active operations. You can’t say that the Right Sector showed high skills in combat. They were persistent units, motivated, hard-headed, but they were not involved in any major military victories or successes,” – he says.

KR: The Right Sector will not march on Kiev as much as they wish too, because there are no more Nuland’s cookies …

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