Two Ukraines


April 13, 2015
Translated from Russian by Krisitna Rus

On Friday I had a day off and I decided to go for a walk around the city [of Donetsk], fortunately, the weather improved and no longer resembled the Arctic. Me and my friend went downtown, closer to the [former] regional administration building [now, Donetsk Republic administration building]. There we went down to the river Kalmius and walked along the waterfront.

I don’t cease to be amazed by the city services. To keep the city so clean during a war is a feat. Besides, I would like to mention that a lot of the locals come out on Saturday clean-up days and periodically you can find piles of last year’s leaves, waiting for their disposal. 

Every day the city becomes more and more transformed. Feels like a black and white film was brightened up with some color. The columns on the bridge over the river Kalmius depict the history of the city of Donetsk. People on the pedestal are painted gold, but the scenes of the period of the Great Victory are also painted in red colors. And you know, it creates a special contrast with what’s going on in fascist-occupied Ukraine.

But, according to the law of conservation of energy, discovered by a great Russian scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, if somewhere there is less then somewhere else there is more. And same with Ukraine. The punishers building a fascist Ukraine gave impetus to the formation of its antipode – the anti-fascist pro-Soviet Ukrainian state. Just like at the beginning of the last century, the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic became the embryo of the Ukrainian Soviet state. 

Ukrainian People’s Republic (left) and Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic (right)

Now we have two Ukraines – pseudo-Ukrainian-fascist, and pro-Soviet-Ukrainian which are the antipodes of each other. The defeat of the fascist pseudo-Ukraine and a victory of a real Ukraine is predetermined and inevitable. Although, you still have to pay a terrible price for a twenty-year daze and the weakness of our rotten elite.

I am glad that despite the hard life, I noticed more openness and friendliness among the people. There is no climate of fear and denunciation, as on the occupied territory. As we took the shuttle bus back to base, a militia guy got on the bus with us. Even though we were strangers, he approached us without hesitation, said hello and started a general conversation, and when it became clear that we have common friends, we talked like old friends sharing news from ours and the occupied territory. 

The fighter shared with us the idea that people living under occupation have a mess in their head, the cause of which is twenty years of “independence” and now this mess has been well churned. It was a bit unusual to hear that from a stranger. Usually it is I who have to constantly explain the behavior of people in Kharkov, or even in Kiev to the militia guys during my reports, when I read them the battle list and answer their questions. I got an awkward feeling, as if my own reasoning and arguments were explained back to me, but not merely reproduced, but rather thought out, rephrased and confirmed with life evidence. 

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It turns out my new friend was a POW and was able to see firsthand the deplorable state of consciousness of the bulk of the junta soldiers. For example, he told me that the SBU staff in Mariupol, knocking testimony out of him during interrogation, looking for information about the militia forces and military operations plans and failing to produce anything (and he knew nothing, as he fought at that time only for a month) decided with horror that the reason was that he was highly trained by the [Russian] GRU [Main Intelligence Directorate]. How crazy do the operatives of intelligence agencies have to be to believe the same nonsense that they themselves concoct for the people? 

He was exchanged for fifteen captured ukro-warriors – the exchange took place with the participation of the singer Ruslana.

Ruslana (before Maidan)

For some reason he thought that after her jumps on Maidan, she suddenly saw the light and was horrified. Although still far from repentance. She told him: “On both sides there are Ukrainians, what are we fighting for? We must stop fighting”. And in her words was a blame for Donetsk, as if saying “you should stop fighting”. She talked about the unity of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and immediately, looking out the window with a sigh said, “How many of “our” guys were killed at Ilovaysk…” There was unfortunately no realization that there is a war against fascism, that the power in Kiev was seized illegally and Ukrainians in Donbass exercise their legal right not to obey the criminals.

Ruslana after Maidan

According to the fighter, Ruslana had a very depressing look. Pale, with saggy aged skin, she looked like a dated drug addict, seeking the meaning of life in a new dose. For him she personified the very part of Ukraine that is dying under the fascists in a narcotic stupor. Before, in Ukraine lived such different and unique Ukrainian people, but now no matter what this collective Ruslana does, she is doing worse and worse, and until she repents of fratricide, and this sin is on her, you cannot talk about any reconciliation. He didn’t say how to make the Ukrainians see the light and throw off the fascist yoke. For now Ukrainian boys go to war against the “Russian occupation of Donbass”, killing other Ukrainian boys. And also their wives, children and parents. But I think there is a solution. It is not standard, it’s not a new Transnistria or a Crimean scenario, it’s something new and at the same time dear and familiar. Just as dear as the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic. And new, like the USSR 2.0.

See you in the USSR!


As each society is shaped by its individuals, the individuals themselves are shaped by their society. Ukraine today is an example of a society that is not well. And people without a strong immune system are easily infected with the “new normal” streaming from TV screens and newspapers. 

Historic memory could not be washed away in Donetsk and Lugansk. People there turned out to have a stronger collective immune system. They became lab rats in a cruel experiment and watched it fail miserably. But they still remember what was before. They became sorely disillusioned with the once promising Ukrainian brand of the Western model and look for answers in their own history. And that gives them hope. 

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