UAF vs. Ukrainian Volunteers – “OUN” Battallion forced to evacuate Peski


April 10th, 2015

from Vesti  – translated by Joaquin Flores

Removal of the volunteer 

battalion “OUN” from the

demarcation line at the 

village of Peski occurs within

the framework of the Minsk

agreements.  This was 

announced by acting head of 

the press service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of 

Ukraine, Aleksey Mazepa.

“Now, the military service law enforcement of the UAF, have 

carried out the process of the organized removal of personnel 

from the volunteer battalion “OUN” from the demarcation 

lines, pursuant to the agreement,” – he stated live on Radio 

News .

The representative of the General Staff explained that the 

presence of the battalion “OUN”, which is not officially part 

of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “did not allow Ukraine to 

fully implement the agreement in Minsk”: “This decision was 

taken to preserve the life and health of the personnel of the 

Armed Forces of Ukraine and for Minsk’s compliance 

agreements. The Battalion is invited afterwards to join in the 

armed forces through official channels. “

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Mazepa added that the personnel of the battalion “OUN” are 

invited to join the UAF in an official way.

Today, the military  surrounded the  headquarters of the

Volunteer Battalion of the OUN in the village of Peski in 

the Donetsk region and demanded that the OUN hand over 

their weapons and leave the position.

The April 1st deadline has passed, which was allotted for 

volunteer battalions to lay down their arms and leave the 

area or go to the ATO to apply to the Ministry of Defense or 

the Ministry of Interior. At the time of the deadline, two 

battalions had not complied: the OUN and the “Right 

sector.” Combat OUN Nicholas Kochanowski said that 

volunteer battalion and the “Right Sector” will be part of 

the 93rd Brigade, and confirmed that his men had  left  the 


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