Ukraine may lose Chinese investments due to outlawing communism


April 11, 2015
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

The enactment of the law on “de-communization”, which includes a ban on Communist and Soviet symbols, and the recognition of the “totalitarian Communist regime” criminal, especially without a court decision may deprive Ukraine of desperately needed Chinese investments, as well as cool the relations with that country, which, as is known, is controlled by the Communists.

Such development was not ruled out by the Director of the Foundation “Ukrainian politics”, political analyist, Kost Bondarenko, at a press conference in Kiev, reports “PolitNavigator”.

“Ukrainian politicians say we should improve relations with China to attract Chinese investments into the Ukrainian economy, plus that China acts as the guarantor of our territorial integrity, ” he said, commenting on the adoption by Parliament of the law on de-communization. – After that, I think, comrade XI Jinping and other leaders of Communist China will think long and hard whether to deal with the state where the issues of ideological or even legal character are dealt at the highest level in this fashion”.

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