Ukrainian ban on Nazi symbols is an uphill battle


April 20, 2015

Anatoly Shariy

Translated by Kristina Rus

As you know Ukraine adopted a new law to legally punish for Nazi and Soviet symbols. I am sure that they will succeed with Soviet symbols, but I doubt they will succeed with Nazi symbols, because to many militants fighting in Donbass [for Ukraine] are Nazis!

In order not to use unconfirmed sources, let’s take the website of the people’s deputy from People’s Front, Dmitry Tymchyuk [Ukraine’s unmatched propaganda warrior – KR]

Look at these headlines: “National bank continues to strengthen the Hryvnya!” Let’s see: Shirokino … the glorious fighters… 

Wait a minute, what do we see here?

The is the emblem of SS division, I told you about it before, it was a very “audacious” division…

And the holder of the symbol is likely this glorious defender of Ukraine.

A this is how he is preparing for Victory day in Kiev. 

You will surely jail the communists, but you will not jail the Nazis, whom you are giving citizenship left and right, degenerates, because they may charge at you some day. 

But you want to tame them, although one day they will cut your throats. 

This is my personal opinion, even if you want to jail me for it, you will not succeed. 


IMO the ban on Nazi symbols was meant to make the ban on communist symbols more acceptable and balanced, and first of all is a call to the neo-Nazis to stop flashing their Nazi pride all over social media, because pictures speak louder then words and represent a PR disaster in Ukraine. It means: “We don’t mind you killing fellow pro-Russian Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine, but let’s be discreet about it and not air our dirty laundry in public, or else you make it more embarrassing for the Democratic European leaders to  give us more money for war.”  

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