Ukrainian historian Oles Buzina was killed for the truth about Ukrainian history


Oles Buzina “The Secret History of Ukraine- Rus”

April 18, 2015

Journalist, Kharkov
Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

In Memory Of a Kievan

Who was Oles Buzina? Not the warrior, not the official opposition activist, not the leader of public opinion, not a dissident. Oles Buzina was a fierce destroyer of myths. He despised and denounced everything far-fetched and unnatural. When he presented to the Ukrainian readers Taras Shevchenko, taken off a pedestal, the Ukrainian nationalists hated him. Oles was beaten, he himself said that he suffered for Shevchenko. Bruised, sad but not angry, he continued to write, speak and talk about unpleasant truth to the Ukrainian nationalists. He had that right – he was a little Russian [Malo-Russian], of that lovely healthy breed, which is close to Russians, and all civilized people.

Oles was a historian to the bone: a great memory, analytical skills, ability to assemble the past from different pieces. After the departure of Communist ideology to replace the modified history of the Soviet period the nationalists myths begun to infiltrate, not less carefully chosen, but much more deceitful and aggressive. A historian by training, Oles did not just expose them, but masterfully ridiculed. His sharpened pen touched the “heroes of Kruty” (their leader, Averky Goncharenko later served in the SS division “Galicia”), and Mazepa and Orlik, and the myths about 140-thousand-year-old Ukrainian nation. His admirers were correct: to not fall into idiocy, you need to read the books and articles of Oles  Buzina.

He lived in his native Kiev and was a real Kievan. For him, “the mother of the Russian cities” – was the real people and events in a continuous thousand and a half year chain of generations, and not just a place where people come to make money and make a career. By the way, he supported himself and his family, and his travels. He was very proud that he did not receive any grants and handouts from abroad.

Special hatred of “the laborers of Ukrainianism” was caused by his book “Vurdulak Taras Shevchenko”. It turns out that the great poet was not only a victim of serfdom, but also a very successful artist. And he was not a xenophobe in the modern sense of the word:  the author of “Haydamaky” would not be accepted into “Svoboda” for a personal diary, which Shevchenko wrote … in Russian. And the personal circumstances of poet’s life don’t fit the image of an idol of the national idea.

If you read “The Secret History of Ukraine-Rus”, it immediately becomes clear that the people of Ukraine don’t have to try and turn upside down the history of their native land. There is much to be proud of for a normal, healthy person, not a pervert or a maniac. It turns out that history can be retold without pathos and hyper-salivation, not skipping neither its funny nor tragic pages. As did Oles Buzina. This infuriated most those who had first captured Kiev and then the entire Ukraine.

The irony of Buzina frustrated pompous accountants, enraged boars, media vultures and other inhabitants of the Kievan zoo, who appointed themselves the elite of the nation. To mock, to tease – sometimes means more than to fight with weapons. Not only those who fight with weapons are killed, but those who expose the indecency, folly, greed and filth. Buzina was targeted through courts, with the help of hooligans,  he was insulted on air and in the official press. They even tried to tame him, offer him a sweet spot. It didn’t work. Then this gang of criminals calling themselves the “national authorities” sent the killers.

Look, none of the Maidan VIP’s even tried to express any condolences! [just opposite, they were celebrating on Facebook – KR] But let’s remember: anyhow they all live, plunder and kill – not in their Kiev, but in a city that is forever associated with the name of Oles Buzina. I am sure that the murderers and their instigators will receive their retribution. Kiev will be healed and will spew out all the foreign bodies, and will become itself again.

I hope that very soon an ignorant person would defined as: “He didn’t read Buzina!”

In memory of Oles Buzina

PS Oles Buzina was the most read modern Ukrainian writer

Oles Buzina

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