Ukrainian Rada passes law glorifying collaborators as heroes, outlawing communist decisions


Analysis by Giulietto Chiesa

in Globalist, April 12, 2015

April 22, 2015

Translated from Italian by Tom Winter

Ukraine, by law, exalts its Nazi past as “heroic.”  By decision of the Rada, Thursday April 9, Ukraine exalts its Nazi past as “heroic,” and not for the first time, but this time in a solemn manner, that is, a reestablishment of the Ukrainian state, outlawing the Communist Party, and declaring that every reference to communism, to its founders and chiefs, to its words, and to symbols of the communist past, and to its political decisions — is “criminal.”

So it is, like a fig leaf, the equation of communism with nazism. Stupid in itself, it was immediately extended by declaring “Heroes of the Nation” members of all the paramilitary formations and the nationalist political organizations. In sum, all of them are officially recognized as “fighters for Ukrainian independence,” even including those who massacred tens of thousands of Jews in Galicia. There is an appended list of fusiliers, sappers, members of the Central Council, the Army of the People’s Republic of Ukraine, the armed forces of the Hetmanate, UPA, OUN, the members of People’s Movement to 1991. [UPA – Ukrainian Insurgent Army, OUN – Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists — tr.]

In short, everything that happened in October 1914. “It’s 100 years,” shouted Jurjiy Shukevych, worthy son of his Nazi father Roman in front of the Rada, “that we’ve been at war against Russian imperialism, against Russian occupation.” The law was presented to the Rada by Shukevich and by the director of the Institute of National Memory, Vladimir Viatrovich. 

Andrei Parubiy, who led the Odessa anti-russian pogrom of May 2014, and now vice-speaker of the Rada, echoed them: “The time has come for all who fought under the yellow-and-blue and the tridents to be recognized as combatants for the affirmation of the Ukrainian State.”

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Another deputy, Igor Moiysichuk, exalted the “historic moment” in which historic justice is reestablished, “the justice that has been trampled on since July 30 1941, right up to our days” That is to say, when the People’s Republic of Ukraine was allied with nazism in the Second World War. And there was also heard the cry of the deputy Oleg Medunitza: “Who will not vote is an enemy of Ukraine working for the aggressor.”

The climate in which this “historic” vote was held is immediately clear: All were standing, including the supposed “opposition,” the representatives of a population half-russian, as they declare that Russia and Russians are irredeemable and eternal enemies. It was unanimous: 254 votes in favor, none against, no abstentions.

There are two incidental considerations. It will be interesting to see how they will maintain the thesis in Brussels of an imminent entry of Ukraine into NATO and the EU.  As a matter of fact, it will be a matter of bringing a country into Europe that, with one law, has cancelled the entire history of a united Europe and of its anti-nazi roots.

Secondly, we must remind the nazist Ucrainians — if we are to take them seriously — that today’s Ukraine would not exist today. Crimea, for example, would be Russian, seeing that what made it Ukrainian was a “criminal” act of that “criminal” Krushchev. And all the regions of western Transcarpathia, including most of Galicia, would not be part of Ukraine, because it was Stalin, famed communist criminal, who included them in the Ukrainian borders, in an equally “criminal” decision (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact).

And Ukraine would have to abandon its title as a founding member of the United Nations, and its position as an individual member of the UN. Both, the title and the position, were obtained through an equally “criminal” decision of the USSR, and therefore, have to be deleted. 

Summing up: today’s Ukraine, acknowledging itself to be nazist, has ceased to be the state it was when the Maidan began.

See also a Russian view of the meaning of this law, “Ukraine banned itself.”

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