Varyag: Fighting in Donetsk – Intense Surges last Weekend


April 28th, 2015

From Novorosinform – Translated: Joaquin Flores

Morning summary of the Deputy Chief of Staff 5 BTGr Republican Guard, Alexander Matyushina (call sign “Varyag”); a summary report of the three-day event. 

Good afternoon. I want to apologize for the long absence in three days. There were urgent matters that drew me away from the computer and the Internet. But though everything now is in order.

Thus, despite the intensification of hostilities, on Friday in Donetsk there was held a concert dedicated to the International Day of Youth Solidarity, which featured  Donetsk musicians and Russian rock stars – Julia Chicherin, Ivan Demyan (7-B) and Vadim Samoilov (ex-Agathe Christie).

The first half of Friday I accompanied Vadim through the battles with the Ukrainian invaders on the outskirts of Donetsk. The Ukrainian security forces have surged, intensifying their shelling across the front line so that even the monitoring mission of the OSCE were forced to recognize this fact.

So, Horlovks was under fire and hit, and also north of its metropolitan area, in all front-line areas of the city of Donetsk, Makiyivka, and Yasinovataya.  Onto the Telmanovskiy area of the DNR, Ukrainian punishers fired MLRS “Grad”.

In the area north of Peski, Ukrainian punishers did not abandon their attempts to break through our defenses, but the DNR forces gave them a decisive rebuff.

In the area of ​​north of Shirokino, they did not stop shelling and clashes ensued over the last few days days; in fact their intensity increased. Yesterday Ukrainian troops also conducted an attempt to advance in the area north of. Staromykhailivka, but here they did not succeed.

Also yesterday near Avdeyevka, Ukrainian troops tried to break into the Donetsk airport, and got into a fight which resulted in the Ukrainian troops being driven back to their original positions after both sides suffered losses.

In truth,  we unfortunately have taken losses, and among the wounded was also a volunteer from faraway – the Brazilian Rafael Lusvarghi. I wish him a speedy recovery: know Brother that we will win because we are the winners!

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