Western banks crack down on Russian capital


April 1, 2015

Mikhail Delyagin 

Comment on a program “Meanwhile”, Red Line

Translated by Kristina Rus

Mikhail Gennadyevich Delyagin is a modern Russian authorpolitician and economist. Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Delyagin took part in the experts team by the Supreme soviet council from 1990 to 1991 and obtained an academic degree in economics in 1998. Director of the Problems issued by Globalization institute (IPROG) and former chairman of the ideological council of the Rodina political party.

Vladimir Putin at a meeting with business representatives announced that, according to his information, some countries may hinder the return to Russia of domestic capital. In the UK Russian citizens received “the letters of happiness” with a request to explain the origin of the money in the accounts. The situation is quite simple: the influx of Russian money to the West has declined. The last wave was last year, there is not much new money, and since the outflow may begin anytime, it is necessary to put up a barrier and take everything.

A few things converged here. First, the budget crisis, which is forcing the West to withdraw the money quite clearly, and this crisis has reached the level of local budgets. Secondly, there is a hatred towards us, which did not exist previously, therefore, if the passport says “birthplace: Russia”, it means the money came from Russia, – please shave and try to prove that you are not an FBI agent. But by itself, this practice began a long time ago. Americans back in 2008 changed their tax law so that that the tax residency is passed by the principle of the plague.

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