Who created Ukraine’s “Separatism Threat Level” scale?


Estimate of Separatist/Terrorist Threat Level in South-East Ukraine as of April 22, 2015 

April 24, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Separatism Threat Level According to Tymchyuk

As major threats in terms of further disintegration of Ukraine, the junta is considering the intensification of the activities of the Resistance in the Kharkov and Odessa regions, which under certain circumstances could become the People’s Republics, especially this pertains to Kharkov. It is quite clear that in active scenarios of future war, the Kharkov region can be one of the priority targets, as it borders Russia, is not far from the main front and has though weak, but an underground. 

Odessa in this regard is in a more difficult situation, as opportunities of support of Odessa Resistance and mechanisms to undermine the authority of the junta in the region are currently limited.


This is also the map of Kiev’s geographical focus of terror and repressions. 

Tymchyuk is the go to Kiev information liaison, who obtains his “info” from the top Kiev sources, and disseminates it to the wider public. He is often cited by Ukrainian media.  

Notice the threat level scale, doesn’t it look familiar? They didn’t even change the colors!

PS: (In grey: “Temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”)

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