Why Poland supported Maidan


A postcard of Polish Lwow in 1937-1938

April 14, 2015
Translated from Russian by Krisitna Rus

An organization was created in Poland which will deal with the return of the former Polish property on the territory of Western Ukraine to its rightful owners.

This was reported to “PolitNavigator” by one of the founders of the organization, the leader of the party “Zmiana” (“Change”), Mateusz Piskorski.

“The organization was officially established yesterday in Lublin. In terms of basic goals and objectives, they include a legal analysis of the possibility of obtaining compensation for lost real estate and any other types of property on the territory of Ukraine.

This is related to the ambitions of the Ukrainian leadership for the Association with the EU, the implementation of EU norms in this area. If you look at the experience of Poland and other Eastern European countries which have already joined the EU, this process have been already or nearly completed there.

Ukraine officially declared that it is going to comply with the principles of the EU provided for in the Association agreement with the EU, so there was a need to create a structure that will collect data on potential claims of the heirs of former owners of property on the territory of Ukraine, and will develop a legal and legitimate way of obtaining compensation,” – said Piskorski.

Varjag 2007:

The hopping banderites have been warned that trashing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, modern Ukraine breaks the link with the victorious powers. And with the heirs of the losers the conversation will be different. Poland was in the anti-Hitler coalition, and it did not break with its heritage.

Using its support of Maidan and the desire of the Ukrainian leaders to bring their country closer to EU and NATO at any cost, Poland, as a part of them, may receive a good chunk. Since the shield of Ukraine is raised by not just speculative Euro-integrators, but real war criminals, they should respond to the fullest. Since the ideological predecessors of the current Maidan authorities were engaged in the massacre of the poles, the descendants of the victims must be paid. And the property of Polish citizens lost after 1939, must be returned.

Something similar was tried in the Czech Republic and Slovenia by Austria, when her neighbors had joined the EU. But the Czechs and Slovenians are the heirs of the victors of the Second World War, and the Austrians are the former subjects of the Third Reich. And if millions of Germans were evicted from the Czech Republic and Slovenia and deprived of their property – that is the price of Hitler’s actions. Naturally, the EU took the side of Austria’s neighbors. 

In a pair of “Poland – neo-banderite Ukraine” the possible plaintiff resembles a victim more than the defendant.

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