A story of one Ukrainian family …


May 13, 2015

Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky


Translated by Kristina Rus

Once upon a time there lived one Ukrainian family. They lived peacefully and happily. A father, a son, and a mother. Only they hated the “vatniki” [Russians] and the “Soviets”, and despised Russia. An ordinary Kiev family. Patriots of Ukraine.

When a war in Donbass began, a husband and son immediately went as volunteers. They understood that “Donbassans” and “Colorados” have to be put in their place. And the best tool to put them in their place is a bullet and a mortar shell. The mother of the family was proud that her men are the true patriots of Ukraine, that they are fighting with Russia and with the despicable Donbass separatists.

Utility rates increased. The prices too. But the woman was proud that a “Revolution of Dignity” occurred in Ukraine. Was proud of her men killing the Russian invaders. And it didn’t bother her that these “invaders” where the women and children of Donbass. It didn’t bother her that according to Ukrainian media, the separatists themselves were shelling their homes, kindergartens and hospitals. You never know what those crazy separatists are able to do! If they were reasonable-“svidomye” [patriotic], they would never have decided to secede from a united Ukraine.

Thus the mother of the family rejoiced in the successes of her husband and son.

And then the husband was killed in Donbass. As soon as she buried her husband, the son was also killed. The money was all gone. Both breadwinners remained in the ground of Donbass, failing to eradicate all the “Colorados” and “vatniki”.

And then came the bills…

And then her neighbor reported:

Alena Mirnaya

“I used to have neighbors.Why used to? Because there are gone!

A quiet, unremarkable family of three….

First the husband was killed in the ATO. Second – the son.

The neighbor came to me three days ago, wanted to talk, and I had no time … Today I was a witness in their apartment.

She is also gone. And in front of my eyes is the scene: a table, on it – utility bills and a note – “I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE” “

And one can only hope that she was unable to see in her dreams the faces of the murdered Donbass residents and not the utility bills. We can only hope that her soul was saved.

You think this is an isolated case, this is just one family? No. This is now the reality of Ukraine for many years, decades. After thousands and thousands of civilians were killed in Donbass.

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