American commando rescues a rape victim and joins Novorossia militia


May 31, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

“Novoross. info” – Novorossia groups in social networks are sharing a story about a young American commando Russell Mothen who was sent as an instructor with documents of a Ukrainian soldier to the front of Novorossia. 

“Russ wasn’t able to watch the soldiers terrorizing the population. On May 27, 2015, Russell killed the officer of the Ukrainian army, who tried to rape Anastasia Gavrilenko, and disappeared in the direction of the front”.

According to Russ: “It was not difficult to escape from the location, despite the fact that I was with a girl.”

“At the moment, Russell is fighting on the side of the militia. Russ took a photo with Nastya on the background of the American flag to show that there are good People on each side” – stated in the report.

KR: We cannot confirm if this story is authentic or just one of many war legends, we can only share with you what the Russians are reading, and this story appeared in various Novorossia sources. 

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