APU trying to create some kind of “Mannerheim Line” – Varyag


May 1st, 2015 
Novorosinform – translated by Joaquin Flores

Morning Summary from the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Republican Guard 5 BTGr Alexander Matyushina (call sign “Varyag”).

Yesterday the Ukrainian army did not change their tactics shelling residential areas of the DPR. Under bombardment has been the Kuibyshev, Kievskiye, Petrovsky district of Donetsk, which for them has become a tradition.

Also attacks from Ukrainian executioners was seen in Makiyivka, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka and the surrounding villages. The special regiment ”Azov” went took the heights near Shirokino, where they have an advantage.

Yesterday Ukrainian invaders inflicted damages the area “of the western bus station” in Donetsk and the surrounding residential areas. In this area, there are constant clashes and skirmishes. Ukrainian invaders attack constantly, and they take losses at the hands of the valiant men of the DPR army.

The Ukrainian invaders did not give up and attempted to break into the Donetsk airport, to gain a foothold there and make it a springboard for the development of an offensive against Donetsk. In addition, the Donetsk airport is symbolic for them, and their loss in January this year caused a big blow to their morale.

Almost the entire front line of Ukrainian troops are digging in and are pulling together as a viable force with armored vehicles, trying to create some kind of “Mannerheim Line”, which is confirmed by the data of our intelligence. Also Ukrainian military personnel have recently quantitatively increased their efforts in reconnaissance missions.  But here the APU gets rebuffed. Though Ukrainian invaders did attempt to gain a foothold in our land, in any case they lose – because we will win because we are the winners!

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