Afghanistan awaits Gazprom


 Afghanistan awaits Gazprom

By Davydov_Index

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Afghanistan is prepared to provide “good terms” for Gazprom in order to attract the Russian state firm to Afghanistan, according to a statement made to journalists by Afghanistan’s Minister on Energy and Water Resources Ali Akhmad Osmani during the Fifth “Big Chemistry” International Forum.

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“We have very good terms for companies like Gazprom. These terms can be provided by the government, the tax system, and of course the security system. The main thing is to get them to sit down at the negotiating table–everything else is a matter for discussion.”

The minister remarked that Gazprom is not eager to establish contact. “We’d like them to have more detailed discussions with our government.”

Referring to gas reserves, he said that Afghanistan’s known reserves represent 2-3% of the world’s total. “There are also many gas deposits in the country’s north that have never been surveyed. So far we don’t have detailed information,” the minister added.

Osman also said that he intends to sign a treaty with Kirgiziya as part of the TAPI project, but did not mention a date. Afghanistan is not yet extracting oil, these projects are still under development.

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